Monster Hunt is a team based modification for Unreal Tournament comprising of two new game types, Monster Hunt and Monster Arena. In Monster Hunt, you and your team of hunters (humans or bots) must work your way through the level while killing everything that stands in your way. Monsters you'll face range from the tiny but deadly Pupae, to slimy Sliths that spew blobs of slime at you, to the huge stone-throwing Titans. Monster Hunt is the perfect blend of multiplayer and single single player, single player in the sense that the levels and style of Monster Hunt are very much like that of a single player game, but the team based gameplay gives it a great multiplayer feel. Players must work as a team to survive, players on their own will be overpowered by the monsters and sent back to the beginning of the level. Players shouldn't grab all the health and ammo as they come to it, it should be shared out amongst the players who need it most, or you could let one player grab lots of...

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Monster Hunt Source Code

Monster Hunt Source Code

Jul 3, 2012 Source Code (0.29mb) 0 comments

Here is the complete source code for Monster Hunt.

Monster Hunt v503 (UMOD)

Monster Hunt v503 (UMOD)

Jul 11, 2005 Full Version (6.47mb) 3 comments

Monster Hunt, version 503, Umod format.

Monster Hunt v503 (RAW)

Monster Hunt v503 (RAW)

Jul 11, 2005 Full Version (6.08mb) 1 comment

Monster Hunt, version 503, Non-Umod format.

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