In ours to a modification remains only 3 Hostile powers , but all of them will be with the unique features, weaknesses and pluses. Hostile powers of our modern conflict - China (army NOAK), America (General regiments on struggle with terrorists) and terrorist threat - GTO (global terrorist organization)

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this is a very good mod

Could you add a f-18,a Stryker APC,a Bradley APC and a Blackhawk to the U.S.A faction,as a request,please?



whgp2010 says

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yes thnkye

I think it deserves a 9

I play the game, but the screen turns black, i can still here the game but i cannot see the game >:( frustrated


was hard to install (I have german version), but it´s fantastic!!! Zero Hour with more units and better HD-graphic - Perfect!

There are some bugs but its is still a very fun mod like i can't pklay mission 3 USA


10 нах

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