might and magic warlords is an Crysis mod made to have gameplay like no other mod or game ever made before it is set on the world map of the Antagarich upon colony a world of magic, monsters, castles, and warriors you will command army's and build fortress's to conquer the land of antagarich.

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Finished Phantom Mage
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Nice model, looks a tad bland though, perhaps darkening the texture??

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Nice model but the texture has some stretching around the sides of the skirt. Overall, pretty nice, even if the head seems a bit big but that could just be the style you were going for.

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A prime example of the embodiment of necromancy itself, the Phantom Mage stands among Deyja's first forays into the magical creation of undead spellcasters. While prior attempts to create true undead Necromancers have merely succeeded with varying degrees of quality in the past, Henden'lal and his cultists are finally satisfied with the product of their toils: a non-sentient, skeletal conjurer.

Phantom Magi do not possess any degree of self-awareness, subsiding only on the will of the Necromancer who raised them and the complex rituals involved in their reanimation from mortal corpses. They are much more than plain Skeletons, however: outfitted with strong breastplates and chilling staffs enchanted with foul sorcery, these sorcerous terrors can unleash a full repetoire of curses and hexes at little more than a word from their masters.

The Necromancers plan to improve their techniques in the future, hoping to create a means of converting living beings into immortal, deathless harbingers of damnation itself. Deyja's unbreaking alliance with Nighon and the Church of the Moon in Karigor is extremely likely to render this unholy dream a reality within the next few centuries. But until that time, the Phantom Magi shall form Deyja's skeletal legions for decades to come.

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