I work on the missing cooperative mod for the classic Medal of Honor. The future depends on the postgamespy age and the popularity of the mod.

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Just registered to vote for this mod.You are doing a great work bringing this great old game to life again,thank you so much!

It's a fun revisiting of a true classic game. This time - together with your buddies!

Some missions have changed, something's cut out or skipped completely, but still it's a blast!

Szép munka! ;)

i haven't tested it yet but this is what i wanted all my life :D i still play mp mohaa. this game is very popular here in chile ;) gonna give this a try and see if i can run the entire campaing.. my nephew will be so happy with this!.. you deserve more votes dude. i'm lazy when it comes to leave a "vote" or "like" but this totally deserve 5-10 min to say how grateful i am... sorry for being so exciting about this but is the true :)

Great Work !!! Thank you so mutch for this great mod ! :-D

Excellent mod!
I love playing with my friends, its a lot of fun.
Also I'm happy, because a hungarian made this mod. :-)


Kiváló munka!

Semmilyen buggal nem találkoztam, és külön élmény volt számomra/számunkra az az apróság, hogy olyan fegyverek közül lehet válogatni, melyek az adott skin nemzetéhez tartoznak!

Gratulálok! :)

Finaly a co-op mod for MoH AA this game was primarily a solo game and i did not like that concept so i can finaly play with a friend and finaly get trough that damn sniper level.

Great work! Thanks a lot for your time making this great game even better! It´s a feature that should have been there out-of-the box, now MOH is perfected! Cant wait for the final release :)

This is something I wished MOHAA(SH/BT) had many many years ago... however I am so thankful this now exists and it truly boosts new life into MOHAA. This mod is a must have for every MOHAA lovers out there. U and together with ur friends will create new experience with MOHAA!

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