Current Release 3.56 Rc4 Full - Mod is 200 Mb download and uncompresses to 550 mb, Use Freelancer Mod manager 1.3 to install.

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3.55 is out and its almost too soon for another update but 3.56 is not your usual update. 3.56 is aimed to carrying on from the 3.50 3.55 code cleanup. This version is aimed at server stabillity. As Rebalance was originaly desighned as a Singleplayer Mod the content has not been supported for multiplayer and servers. Now with the release of 3.56 we have kept single player intact, while adding in options to seperate the game play styles.

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Completely revamped choices on install, Added some choices into the game and reduced others for conflict compatability.
Added RP Start to Open Singleplayer and Multiplayer to increase faction feel and gaming play.
Added Faction NPC to bars across the universe who will reduce all your faction standings.
This will allow you to change faction if your (Faction Tag) is not what you want to display. Mostly for Multiplayer.
Added wing men. Faction based chip which can be purchased at Faction house bases.
Once purchased when you leave the base Wingmen will form on you. Wingmen shoot anything opposing there faction not yours,
this is something to be carefull of. Wingmen will follow you till either, you die, logout, land, Jump systems, or they die.
Wingmen will use Tradelanes and will return to you after fights. If your too far away they will warp to you.
Wingmen are OpenSingle player and Multiplayer Only.
Added Cloaking Device as a work in progress option.
FLHook used for Cloaking but also has general Admin commmands, change Flhook.ini in exe dir for server admin.
For admins who dont want cloaks choose Open Single player install and run Mp.
Cloak will only work in multiplayer due to need to use chat commands.
Ships with cloaks can type in mp chat /cloak or /uncloak.
Cloaks as yet are unmountable so unsellable. Only ships that come supplied with cloaks can cloak.
With Cloak option enabled in FLMM Rebalance Menu ships in single player will launch cloaked, you have no
way to uncloak so your stuck cloaked. When cloaked you can not fire. Cloaks basically disable single player.
If you want to play with cloaks then start a server with cloak option enabled then join your server.
Will be just like playing open singleplayer.
To increase RP prices have been increased for upgrades to increase length of lv span.
Level req have been increased for slower lv's and upto level 99 added to MP levels.
Seperate Character Editor Added,
Seperate so it can be easily installed and uninstalled for quick change of character with out affecting main files.
Only male bodies and heads due to conflict with body sizes.
Choice of items to hold in your hands.

plus many more but its best to wait and see :P

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