If you're tired of the ever-growing collection of mods that claim unique and groundbreaking gameplay without ever delivering, Mowbray's Revenge might be the mod for you. Picture ad-hoc robots sumo wrestling over pits of boiling marshmallow and you are getting close to the concept of Mowbray's Revenge. Without ever taking itself very seriously, the mod delivers a fast-paced 3rd person experience - characters roll and bounce off each other in a number of strategic and exciting ways in the fight for the highest ground. You will find an additional 18 pickups roaming around the maps in balls of fluffy purple goo. Widely varied, each is truely unique in its function - some (like the skull and dunce cap) have negative effects whilst others (like the nuclear puck and weasel) can be used aggressively. Still more (like the parachute and grappling hook) have a more defensive use. You can only hold one at a time, so be careful in the choice you make. Each may save your life in certain...

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This is the only final gameplay shot I can be
bothered uploading right now. Basically all the
other images here are WIP ones - this represents
the final product.

There are many, many more images of the mod at
this stage at the official site, I'm just not
feeling like uploading them all twice at the
So you know, go there to see them.

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