This is a mod for Mafia II which adds a bit more realistic approach to the gameplay. That includes recoil from firearms as well as modified close combat and tweaked artificial intelligence.

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Zombiestubble says

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I do really like the damage and the new crosshair. However, I do not like the absurd amount of recoil with the weapons, and the in-your-face camera system for wall-hugging.

If you could create alternate versions of the configurations, that would be nice.


Ceano says

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Nice mod with good features, except for the new view camera that makes your character to close even out of cover...which is not a good thing.

Keep up the good work tho!


Executor-64- says

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great mod for roleplay and creating tense situations (very difficult, but what i expected coming from mafia 1)

would be made perfect if there were two more improvements - placement of first aid in certan mission spots, and weapon carry limit of some sorts

either way great mod


SDX_LV says

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very unnecessary.

If you wanted to make alternative balance mod - go ahead, but why did you call it like you fixed something?
Yes maybe some points are improved but there are also lots of changes made where I prefer the original Mafia 2 approach.

This mod is perhaps "Mafia1 style" or "hardcore" but not really a fix for anything - The real drawbacks in Mafia 2 are unaffected.


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