Total conversion mod for TES V Skyrim will take players on a mysterious island of Mata Nui, in a Bionicle world. You explore a vast territory with a diverse landscape, fight with dangerous Rahi, and take role of the legendary Toa, using their, weapons, armor and masks of power!

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I noticed that many of you asked the same questions, and not to respond to everyone, I will answer to most of them.

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I noticed that many of you asked the same questions, and not to respond to everyone, I will answer directly to most of them.
Seeing how they are many open questions about the mod you are all probably asking yourself, here is a FAQ to answer most of them.

  • Question: Are you going to do only the originial Toa Mata team and the island of Mata Nui or are you going to include as much content as possible?
    Answer: The development of a total conversion is very time consuming. As such, we have choosen the first year of Bionicle specifically, seeing how it seems to be the most obvious choice and the easiest to implement into Skyrim. While it is not currently planned to include other islands like Metru Nui, it may happen after we have reached our current goals. As such, there will also be no Bohrok or Rakshi in this mod, only content from the first year of Bionicle.
  • Question: How many Kanohi Masks will be available in this mod?
    Answer: We will atleast have all the 12 original masks from the first year of Bionicle, however, you can expect to see some variations and different masks in this mod, too!
  • Question: How will loot work? Can you pick up masks from slain Rahi?
    Answer: Loot will work like it does in Skyrim. When you see an item on a Rahi, you can take it from is corpse.
  • Question: According to the canon, Toa are not allowed to kill anyone. Will this be taken into account in this mod?
    Answer: Not entirely, no. For the sake of gameplay, Toa in this mod will kill Rahi just like the Dragonborn kills bandits in Skyrim. However, it has yet to be decided if the player will be allowed to kill matoran or turaga.
  • Question: Will this mod feature voice acting?
    Answer: We do not plan to implement traditional voice acting into this mod. We will, however, do voice "acting" In the style of hte unreleased game "Legend of Mata Nui" and the "Mata Nui Online Game", which means that instead of actual talking, you will hear mechanical sounds that somewhat resemble speech.
  • Question: When will this mod be released?
    Answer: Currently, the mod is still in early development stage, as such, the mod will be released when it is finished. We cannot provide a date for that, though. As for now, the Bionicle Weapons plugin is the only content from this mod that is publicly available.
  • Question: Do you take ideas from the Bionicle movies and the other Bionicle games into account for this mod?
    Answer: Yes, when it makes sense. You can be sure that this mod is created by loyal Bionicle fans that have been with Bionicle from the beginning.

This FAQ will be updated when it makes sense!

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I'm sure you guys are also adding stuff seen in the mata nui online game and the second part of it. Those games show'd us alot of the different places of Mata Nui

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"MNOLG 1 and 2" = Mana Nui OnLine Game 1 and 2
So yes, the developer is well aware of those games.

@Aresnir - by chance do you own the old Rahi Bionicle set? Some Rahi in the set are not shown in any other cannon.

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Aresnir Author

Personally, I don't own any of 2001-2003 Rahi sets. But this is not a barrier for including them in the Mod, cause I have all needed parts 3d models. However, we can make only those Rahi, who have full analog in Skyrim, we're not able to create complete new animations...

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I have a question that is somewhat on the topic of the comments above: I don't know much about Skyrim, but from what I've seen in your videos, your character in the standard game has a horse which he rides to travel distances from locations. To what extent will Ussal Taxis or Ussals (Or Dikapi, for that matter) being used as steeds in the mod?

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