This mod is the characters mod for the Star Wars : The Force Unleashed 2

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The mod is simply amazing. It is an awesome sort of combination of both Star Wars The Force Unleashed and Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2. This makes, as kuku, the mod developer said, a completely different way of experimenting SWTFU2. It is stunning the way in which characters develop a various collection of combos of different animations and stances.
My favourite games generally contain costumazation features. And that's what I loved from TFU. There were a lot of costumes, lightsaber hilts and crystals to choose, this turns the gameplay into something much more personal, interesting and fun. I used to play this game on ps2. However, I still think it is better, in comparison, and remembering the ps2's limitations, to SWTFU2 on ps3. Those great options of perzonalization vanished, leaving a poor selection of boring costumes, and a bunch of unsatisfactory combos. I did buy SWTFU2 for pc, in the end.
One day, I was on Youtube when I discovered a video in which Darth Vader was a playable character in SWTFU2. I followed the link in it´s description and got stunned by the variety of costumes and animations there in mod 1.8. Costumization was rebrought to the TFU series by kuku, and I thank him for remembering the gamers needs. Whoever is reading this, I recomend ( him/her?) to quickly download this chance to redefine the limits in Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2, as soon as posible.

I will give it a 8,because the Cutscene bug that gives you 2 sabers and the problem when I select stances and gives me 2 lightsabers is annoying

I hoped you would do 1.9 since I saw the preview.

Still the animation modding was fun,but the challenges look like prototypes of new things.

Make this work with the Evolution Mod and you can get 10.

after some cutscenes i have a useless second lightsaber on my belt/hand and it ruins the stance but its rare and only bug fix it kuku and ill give you 10 :)

yea it is good work

great mod, fun to play an assortment of characters , a lil buggy (one-saber characters wielding two sabers) and if you don't know your stuff (me) you're gonna have a tough time trying to install in but after a little fiddling around i got it to work and its a breath of fresh air to an okay game. worth the aggravation for maulkiller !

Vader,nothing more. It's amazing!!!

Excellently made.Period. ;)

I Love only your Dath Vader Mod but I Love to use All costumes with 2 saber :( but your make all use 1 saber

You can play as Vader - that's it.

I am going to vote 10 because there is nothing wrong with the mod itself. Clearly this masterpiece is the greatest mod ever made for this game. However I am having a bit of a problem. I bought this game through Gamefly PC download so it is my understanding that the patches are already in the game when you install it. I am reinstalling the game just to be sure but if the patches do come with the game then is there any way to remove them manually? The game crashes with this mod otherwise.

UPDATE: Game reinstalled and it still crashes with this mod. I have no idea what to do now.

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