2180 AD... The Nuclear War has destroyed all, the world is a radioactive wasteland covered in ashes. 75 years later, a woman with no memory awakens and finds herself in a city called Krucible; a place of pain and suffering due to the oppressive reign from the Government of Order... Despite her own obsessive perversions, she is one of few with the courage and will to fight back...

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*Currently typing up some "log files" (which is a code feature developed by the awesome modder that is Havoc... Moddb.com )that get into some background of the Krucible universe and reveals some information of certain characters.

*Working on levels 5 & 6, which I both want to be pretty complex yet not overly labyrinthine or difficult.

*Debating if I want to push myself with work and release a demo, after all I recently released Resident Evil: Unleashed which is meant as a "tech demo" of some of Krucible's features.

Still got a bit of work to do so I might as well get back to it. :)

Krucible - Demo version

Krucible - Demo version

1 year ago Demo 0 comments

4 level demo of Krucible, revealing how complex the Wolf4SDL engine can be, in a bleak and horrifying post-nuclear apocalypse world...

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doccarnby Mar 22 2014 says:

What I played is pretty cool. Had it crash on me once. Stuck in the first level from a mix of trying to figure out directions and getting ripped apart by the tentacle things. By the time you realise you're getting hit you've lost 70% of your health, if you're lucky.

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madwolf555 Creator
madwolf555 Mar 22 2014 replied:

Well, yeah those mutated tentacles have razor sharp bone-spikes protruding from them and they flail about like crazy. That's why you gotta move slowly around corners and blast em as soon as you see one, then run past that hole in the floor before it impales you!

As for the levels being too complex, I've heard it before. This ISN'T meant to be a run 'n' gun experience like Doom or other Wolf3d games. Originally it was gonna be a quest based and open world RPG, but I decided to take my knowledge and make a Wolf3d mod like no other.

Trust me man, when you get out of that complex prison cave, you're gonna be in a town and just be wowed. I hope you continue to play it and find it cooler as you progress. :)

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doccarnby Mar 24 2014 replied:

Well, complex levels are par for the course with Wolf3D games, its limitations make it difficult to make stuff that's not mazes (and the screenshots from later make it look like you've been able to do more with it!), but part of the problem with the level is the darkness and the palette, things get really murky really quickly, and the directions given by the guy in the cell being pretty bad.

The directions start off solid enough, but after you get the first key he tells you to go left, but you have to go back to him and then go left from looking at him, rather then left from the key as I first thought, and then he tells you to follow the waste, which is somewhat odd, as you have to go to areas where you can't see any, but as long as you keep going you should be fine, and then suddenly you have to go south from the second key, but south as a descriptor is completely useless in this situation, as there is no indication which way is which of the cardinal directions. I think just a little bit of reworking of the instructions the dude gives might help a bit.

Also, how many of your mods are connected? Is Frayed related to Krucible, beyond merely stylistic similarities?

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madwolf555 Creator
madwolf555 Mar 24 2014 replied:

Yes, I think I see what you mean. In my mind, him saying "go south" is 180 degrees from getting the key. So yes, I believe that is a good point to fix as well as the "follow the stream" directions. As it is, I've heard "I can't get out of the cave" even after step by step instructions from emailed from me. lol So I might decide to rework the mapping a little, but definitely rework the directions.

Funny story about my mods being connected, actually they aren't meant to be. Krucible, Federal Cases (Tara Carmichael), and Blazer Forces (Jemanie Daviddson Unchained, Frayed) are meant to be separate... I have considered doing cross-overs though not really 100% sure how I'd implement it. But it's a good question, and thanks for asking. :)

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doccarnby Apr 14 2014 replied:

Haha, been a while, but I did manage to get out of the cave eventually. The city looks pretty cool, and I really like the little touches. I shot a guard and people panicked, which was pretty cool.

I have a little modding question though, regarding SDL mods. Is there a simple way to add a strafe movement key? Like, A and D move you left and right type stuff. That's one of the things I really like about ECWolf, and a couple times I've tried to strafe-move and shoot at the same time, and that button combo spins the screen, not to mention I'm just more comfortable with that setup.

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madwolf555 Creator
madwolf555 Apr 15 2014 replied:

I think anything is possible with the right coding expertise. Strafing keys I KNOW is possible, but one of the last times I experimented it (Return of Dragons, I think) it ONLY works on the keys you program into the code, not interchangeable in the controls section...

In other words, you program the A&D keys to strafe and a player like me (Who hates the WSAD controls, grew up with using arrow keys) kinda feels left out on. Personally, I've never had an issue using the ALT key or the MOUSE2 button with the arrow keys but I dunno, I'll look into it.

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