Kreedz Climbing is a unique, non-violent, puzzle-type, 3D-First Person View game where the player attempts jumping and 17 other disciplines like shooting flare targets, racing vehicles, surfing, bungee, bunnyhop, longjump, or sliderace until he/she reaches the top (or end) of any given environment. In Kreedz Climbing no map is the same and can vary with any combination of these skills. It's a race against time and against other players with any discipline in the game.

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It's that time again. This time with much less waiting and much more to offer. The KZMOD team has been super hard at work, especially our very dedicated programmer Raptor bringing you a seriously interesting update with never before seen stuff ! We will be releasing Kreedz Climbing Beta3 very very

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It's that time again. This time with much less waiting and much more to offer. The KZMOD team has been super hard at work, especially our very dedicated programmer Raptor bringing you a seriously interesting update with never before seen stuff !

We will be releasing Kreedz Climbing Beta3 very very soon and would like to offer some media to catch the eye. This is surely the best update we've had yet killing nearly ever bug you can find in the game and adding a great deal of very fun, new features and maps.

It is also very important to realize that with the coming BETA3, we open the official World Records competition with demo recording and our brand new Anti Cheat tool for KZ only! Let's make sure those records you try to set are clean and fair by reading very carefully the new rules on the portal.

We introduce the Kreedz Climbing Art Tool, a rocket launcher that shoots decals so you can make your own in-game paintings and logos with 8 different colors to choose from.
The Art Tool

Thats not all we offer 4 new maps as well:
kz_bhop_hangman by SoUlFaThEr kz_stranded by Solid
kz_afterdark by Tipii kz_station by Event

And if we are not offering enough information for you please read the first comment of the news for the BETA3 Changelog!!

Thanks very much and happy downloading and record setting!!

The Beta3 Changelog: (still subject to change!)

Bugs/exploits fixed:

1. "Direct Precache of Legbreak Sounds" type messages is fixed.
2. "Legbreak Spam" is fixed.
3. Your view angle while saving a checkpoint is restored when you teleport to 360°.
4. Legbreak can now be specified to respawn the broke player at a map specific location.
5. Kill/checkpoint exploit is fixed.
6. Spelling mistake in the website texture is fixed.
7. Missing textures in kz_cube and kz_caulis added.
8. The Timer-Check Load exploit is fixed.
9. When spectating someone, you see their timer properly.
10. cl_drawotherplayers works now. 1/0 will turn it on/off the ability to see other players (for those moments where you and someone else are jumping the same blocks, you'll be able to have a clear screen...great for cups or tournaments)
11. Player List now works, along with the ever popular mute function.
12. The bug where the checkpoint sounds would get progressively louder is fixed.
13. Rope target crash bug has been fixed.


1. cl_checkvolume has been renamed to cl_checksounds. 1 for on 0 for off.
2. It is now possible to Holster/Unholster the Tool. 3 new bindable commands: holster, unholster and toggletool.
3. When the Bungee is shot, your present tool holsters and then unholsters when you disconnect. If you were holstered, you remain holstered after cutting the Bungee.
4. You can now keep your Free Bungee and Elite status if you do the following after any completed course: Press F1 for Spectator mode, then press F2 for Respawn. When done like this, you will also keep your Elite status if you start a timer set, but will lose the Bungee, of course. If you only press F2 without first joining Spectator, you will lose both.
5. The Kreedz Climbing Anti-Cheat tool has been added to the main KZMOD folder so those who decide to try for a World Record can be checked for cheating with scripts and other settings changes. The very small program must only be run if you are attempting a World Record.
6. A legbreak entity is now NOT deleting your checks/teleports when you die unless the mapper himself specifies this as neceesary. In bhops and some surfs i can see this, or extremely difficult deathtrap maps.
7. Those who get the Elite Award/Status will also be "seen" as Elite with a trail of blue sprites behind you as you move, making you look special.
8. Checkpoint limit raised to 10,000 !!

Function additions/tweaks:

1. Linux specific game identifiers added. Kreedz Climbing Beta2.1 will be changed to Kreedz Climbing Beta2.1 Linux on linux. Also, sv_linux will change to 1 when on linux.
2. trigger_legbreak can now have a custom message that overrides the built in messages. "%s" is replaced by the players name in-game. IE: "WOW %s just fell down"
2a. The mapper can also choose who should sees the "hospital message" upon legbreak. Choices: Only legbroken player; All but the legbroken player, Whole server.
3. Legbreak entity now rotates the player to face the respawn entities angle facing direction.
4. New entity: trigger_nocheck. Prevents setting/loading checks within its volume.
4a. trigger_nocheck does NOT make players solid when inside it and (for mappers)it can also be disabled/enabled with other triggers.
5. Flare function added to show player where you are or mark a spot a player might need to go to(as a pointing helper from a far distance). Bindable with the command "flare".
6. Added Medals System: Gold medals are given to those who reach any end timer without using checkpoints, and Silver for those who did use checkpoints.
6a. Medals of other players can only be seen in Spectator "Eye" Mode.
6b. Your own Medals are seen with typing "mymedals" in the console or binding to a key.
7. Plugin events added for various things like timer sets and medals.
8. Network optimizations to the point of near perfection.
9. Support for custom soundscapes has been added.(thanks to the Hidden team!)These custom soundscapes can also be BSPzipped.
10. The KZMOD Artwork Tool has been added in the form of a reskinned Rocket Launcher/Paint Sprayer that shoots a steady stream of "paint" and so you can make some nice artwork or show a run path to someone for a hard jump. 8 Colors to choose from! Let's behave shall we.
11. Map Routes folder added. The folder holds all of the map route demos for maps. Intended for those who want to make correct World Record demo attempts(See Record Rules for more info). WARNING: These have a "spoiler" attribute because all jumps etc. are shown in these demos.

Final Official Map Additions:

kz_afterdark by Tipii; jump, bit of surf
kz_bhop_hangman by SoUlFaThEr; bhop, jump
kz_stranded by Solid; jump only

Corrections for Beta2 Maps:

kz_mix_piraraa added a bungee course, now also has freedom of choice
kz_caverns_deep SC fix
kz_cube various fixes
kz_silo SC fix
kz_surfcrazy Expert surf bug fix
kz_cityswingers Timer bug and respawning fixed
kz_mix_sickness Timer bugs and lighting fixed
kz_quadrathon Freedom of choice added

New Cvars:

1. kz_flare_sound 1/0 Flare sound can be turned on/off
2. sv_enable_flaregun 1/0 Flare gun can be turned on/off
3. sv_flare_interval Flare gun refire rate can be changed
4. REMOVED: kz_is_millet_elite, a joke command one noticed it......cuz he really is!
5. kz_spec_medals 1/0 Medals will appear and dissappear with this command.

New Commands:

These commands are to be typed into the console or binded to a key.

flare = Shoots a flare.
mymedals = Shows your Gold/Silver Medal count in the chat.
holster = Holsters the tool you presently use.
unholster = Pulls out the tool you were using.
toggletool = Toggles the 2 holstering commands.

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