This mod are specialy based into the knight rider 80's who seen at NBC and talk about michael knight the man who driving the intelligent Car with computer called KITT , here is the adventure .

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Really nice mod thx =)

boring stuff, no animations, not much feature added in the next release and bad representation

All in all a very Knight Rider mod for GTA: SA. Still not super stable in my experience (which is understandable as it's in beta) and some features don't work perfectly, but the fundamentals are firmly in place (turbo boost FTW!) and overall it seems very nice. : DD

a lot of bugs game still crash

Nice Very Nice

The Best mod of knight rider 80's tv serie in the moddb

Unless, If you don't steal the stuff from the other people, You will be appreciate a lot, Please Delete the mod or I will tell everyone that you are the traitor and stealer!

everything is stolen

Cool and great mod,i can't wait it.

Awesome Work Bro

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