Escape from the jail and kill the enemy - By Michal Kamaryt

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First things first. Don't read into the plot of this mod at all because there isn't one. It's simply a series of killboxes and jumping sections and frankly shouldn't have been released as a "mod" at all. For a mod released in 2006, the mapping is abysmal and there are several sections where you NEED to use noclip to progress.

The only real use of this mod is as an endurance test if you play through on Hard difficulty, but don't expect to enjoy it.

Jumping Puzzles are **** and you need to use noclip to progress through the map.

bad mapping D:

This is a mod that don't scream "Quality" this one screams "Awful" It lacks a plot and is just some boring jumpin' skill mod that can't be done without cheat.

Worst. mod. on. my. Half-Life. file.

Eh... I've seen worse, still doesn't make this any good (Other then I hate greenpeace).

No story, not much effort put into mapping and overall, it's a just a bunch of unconnected kill boxes taped together.

Not worth your time :/


Okay i will admit that i do like the arena type feel to the levels of this mod. This mod is a good difficulty test. And the difficulty seems to get harder each level which is good. But there are some parts that are SO hard that i had to cheat. It seems like the creator got a little too carried away with placing TOO much entities. Also there are a LOT of parts where you have to noclip just to get past areas that you NEED to access. Overall, though i have found numerous flaws with Kill All Greenpeace, i can't tone down the 6/10 i'm giving it becuase i really liked all the arena type feel to the levels.(though most levels had some pretty ameteurish design)


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