You wake up in a room. "Where am I?", you ask quietly. You find a note lying on a desk. You read it. You are kidnapped.

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Quite enjoyed it, not a bad custom story at all. But two teleporting naked guys - why?! Why would you ruin such a custom story with something that annoying? Could've been 8/10 if it hadn't been for them.

Most of the game is just hidden object "puzzles" and one of the few monster encounters was easy to break. Near the end you're given a torch, but you have to drop it every time you need to interact with something (e.g. opening a door) and then pick it up again. Picking the torch up can be a pain, as it has a habit of rolling around. The story also ends abruptly, not that it was going anywhere interesting anyway.

Everything was nice.. but then the end came. Too short for such a story.. and I expected more.

Anyway it was really nice.


umbakarna says

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Sorry, level design, scripts and everything is OK,
but overally it wasnt very interesting.

There is too much keys/hammers/drills/hollow needles for its own good. The mod would be even shorter if you didnt have to search for things but I get it, this is more like puzzle-solving mod with occasional Grunt, Brute and also the Suitor appears. The pickable torch is big plus and teleporting naked guys were quite fun. Good mod but not even close to excellent.

Short and sweet

Wish it were longer but it was a nice little cs that I did enjoy playing

Not a masterpiece but definitely worth a try

Dear Geez21,

I wrote down my thoughts while playing and they are the following:

- elaborately-designed
- the character's constant contact with the player: awesome
- first "visit" of the Grunt: A+
- distribution of oil: A+ (only the quantity that is sufficient)
- last jumpscare: sh*t poop man
- tools are hidden with care

I really enjoyed playing your CS. I would have given it a 9 (because the casual Amnesia-stuff like these experiments-stories are a little bit overused these days), but I am a newcomer in terms of the date of my registration, so I could not do it and the experience is so fresh I couldn't wait until I am allowed to give you such a high score.

Nevertheless, it was well-made CS and I would recommend it to everyone, even to those poopy-pants who are afraid of those darn monsters.

Nice story,but quite good design,low billboards and lights but after all i enjoyed that.

Nice story, it has some good scares and intense moments i had fun playing this all the way :D

It's just so great! A MUST PLAY!!!!!!

I enjoyed this mod, especially the easter egg at the beginning. That is all I will say on this matter.

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