Your name is Tasha and the year is 1998. Your brother Daniel, an ex-InGen employee, has been missing for some time and your search for him has lead you to the Island of Isla Sorna off the western coast of Costa Rica. With a bit of persistence and a lot of luck, you have succeeded in procuring transportation to the notorious island. But as the foggy land mass grows larger on the horizon, you begin to wonder if you've gone in over your head... What secrets does the thick impenetrable fog hide?

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jdd1313 says

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huge and very well done great new models scary music and everything you could want in a trespasser mod.


ZamCo says

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JPDS is a fan-mod for Trespasser.

In creation for 8 years, it was the biggest project ever undertaken in the community. Sadly it was released somehow unfinished, but it contains advanced scripting and other new stuff never seen in Trespasser before. A groundbreaking mod for Trespasser.

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