Podunkian\ Half-Life 2: Jaykin' Bacon: Source is a deathmatch mod with a bunch of incongruous weapons, and a bunch of incongruous maps. An outdated features list: - A lot of weapons from other games and stuff. - Great voice acting, by me, because I rule. - Action Half-Life style diving. - Day of Defeat style proning. - Unreal Tournament style combo messages. - A hell of a lot of weapons. (Almost 30 in fact) - A rather functional, and slightly sexy particle system. - A console command called KarPar, which rules. - An optional Stealth gameplay mode called Snake versus Monkey.

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Hard to find servers these days but when you do, it's fun.


I'm not a hobo, I just like living inside of a box.

A really fun and well-made multiplayer mod for the original Half-Life with a lot of weapons and other small tweaks here and there. Maybe one of the best mp mods for the GoldSrc engine ever made.

This mod is great. Been playing it for years with some friends on and off. So good.

This mod is great. It has everything and humor. Download it if you still have HL1.


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