There's nothing quite like the rush of running, falling, jumping and crawling your way toward the release switch whilst under fire from rockets, railguns and lasers... then jabbing that switch and releasing all your team mates! Then finally watching as they all come running out of the open doors and beat the other team to death with Laser Cleavers! There's never a dull moment in JB, you're either fighting to stay alive, fighting to release your team mates, or fighting to escape from jail!

Post news Report article RSS Feed The Perks of Jailbreak!

Jailbreak's got perks! Stealth, regeneration, awareness, damage reduction! All sorts of fun ways to create a custom class.

Posted by Wills on Jan 3rd, 2010

Perks, buffs, enhancements, augmentations. Whatever you want to call them, they're in Jailbreak. How do you earn them? By playing the game properly! Good in defense? You get bonus points for defending your jail. More of a front line player? No problem, get points for releasing your team. Good at dying? Then escape and earn points for that! In fact, there's so many ways to earn points, you can't fail at Jailbreak... unless you don't play properly!

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Perk Levels:
The different perks you can earn are seperated into three different levels, and you can only purchase one per level. Each perk has it's opposite, so if you find the enemy team have a propensity toward Stealth, then choose Awareness to sniff out their positions!

Level 1 Perks - Passive:

Damage Reduction: Reduces the damage enemy weapons do to you.

Damage Increase: Increases the power of your weapons, making you a deadly instrument of death.

Get out of jail free: Once per round, allows you to respawn out of jail when you die.

Double Jump: Jump twice to gain additional height, great for escape routes!

Level 2 Perks - Passive:

Concealed Weapon: Enables you to spawn inside jail with a random weapon!

Bomb Boy: The last resort, an explosive... device, to surprise your enemy on death!

Accuracy:Improves the accuracy of all your ranged weapons.

Healer: A passive healing system, healing all team mates within a radius.

Level 3 Perks - Active:

Health Regeneration: An active perk, allowing you to regenerate health.

Stealth: An active perk enabling stealth mode for a short period.

Speed: Like rocket boots, you just can't stop running till this runs out!

Awareness: Like a pulse radar, this shows enemy positions and health even through walls.

Dynamic Point Scoring:
And even if you're rubbish, points are dynamically earnt! So, kill a player with more points than you, and you get bonus points based on the difference! Join the game late? You catch up real fast! Instant balance is restored.

We've started testing the RC this week, so it really wont be long at all now until release, so keep your eyes out for the trailer coming very soon!

Don't forget to add yourself to our Mod Watch if you haven't already! And if you fancy getting more involved in our community, then join our forums over at or learn something new about the Source Engine from the Jailbreak Blog!

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Post comment Comments
dafatcat Jan 4 2010, 1:00am says:

I really love the idea of the dynamic point system and I can't wait to try out these perks, great work as always!

+3 votes     reply to comment
shinobi718 Jan 4 2010, 1:08am says:

I liked it when it combine and rebels, but I will give it a shot again. It was fun.

+2 votes     reply to comment
NullSoldier Jan 4 2010, 2:22am says:

The point system is a bit sketchy. I'm a skill based gamer, when I used to play Jailbreak I would always have some rediculous score like 20 in 2 so I'm always sketchy of game play mechanics that help inadequet players. Infact, thats one reason why I don't play TF2 anymore. We'll see how it all works out when it comes out. Naturally I prefer the prior but I think I'll live.

I also have been slightly wary about the models and the hit box sizes. They seem rather thin in the screenshots and the robots seem MUCH smaller than the dinosaurs. Will the robots have smaller hit boxes? And if they have the same size hit boxes theres going to be a lot of complaining because if you shoot where there is no model and kill them it seems very awkward.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wills Author
Wills Jan 4 2010, 11:44am replied:

Haha! I love you NullSoldier, you're always the hardest to please!

In response to your concerns, the dynamic point scoring still benefits skilled players, if you're good at FPS games, you'll be the top scorer in a game of Jailbreak, and get access to top tier perks faster, therefore being rewarded for your talents.

Conversely, if you're not a high-skilled player, but still play the game properly, you'll be equally rewarded and gain access to perks. We felt it was a way to balance the game so that players who struggle with FPS games are still able to have fun, try out the perks, and score in the 50's and 60's, whilst hardcore players get scores in the 200's. Equally, if you join the game later, say after the 3rd of 4th round of a game, it enables you to catch up fast, and unless you're really terrible, you'll end up with Level 3 perks after just one round.

The system also balances itself, as its based on the points difference instead of the score itself. So if the game is full of high skilled players, people will level up at the same time. Same for if it's filled with low skilled players.

As for the hitboxes, they're identically sized for both teams to ensure fairness, based on an average, so yes, there's a little overlap here and there, but nothing that upsets gameplay at all.

+2 votes   reply to comment
DuckSauce Jan 4 2010, 12:53pm replied:

So what's the point of earning points then anyway? Points are a reward for what? Playing the game properly? That's the only thing I see for it.

Dystopia system in my opinion could work just as well, give a set amount of points to spend on perks each player will then be even and still have the same amount of customization. But I believe you're content locked and all so this isn't gonna be changed anyway.

So I just wasted about a hundred words on the internet, wouldn't be the first time either :(

Still, what are the reasonings for the current system? Would love to know at least that :P

+2 votes     reply to comment
IZaNaGI Jan 4 2010, 1:56pm replied:

Because we have focused on making matches an entire team effort, and not an individual one. That's the point of Jailbreak after all, an entire team of single minded players will soon find themselves inside a jail cel, if there isn't some kind of team work involved. What is especially important is coordinated teamwork when it comes to getting someone to escape the confines of there cell, and then relying on them to release the rest of there team!

+2 votes     reply to comment
dsi1 Jan 4 2010, 5:39pm replied:

Yeah, I'd rather have a Dystopia style system.

-2 votes     reply to comment
Swaggletooth Jan 4 2010, 6:27am says:

It's pretty cool to see these perks implemented, the "legitimate wall hack" in particular made me lol.

The only thing is, most of these perks are seen in COD4/6. IMHO some more original ones should be added to make this more unique ;)

0 votes     reply to comment
Asskicker Jan 4 2010, 8:06am replied:

No they aren't, it only has the damage, accuracy and bomb thingy. (As far as I recall, Don't know about CoD6, but these perks were made before CoD6 was released)

I for one find these perks AWESOME! *High Five!*

+1 vote     reply to comment
cW#Ravenblood Jan 4 2010, 6:33am says:

nice to see, that this cool mod is also using perks.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Shadow-Marine Jan 4 2010, 8:53am says:

lol one way to stop hackers
give the game legitimate hacks

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wills Author
Wills Jan 4 2010, 11:47am replied:

Haha! Damn right! It was tempting to put in an Aim-Bot perk too ;) We stopped short of that though!

+1 vote   reply to comment
DuckSauce Jan 4 2010, 12:55pm replied:

I bet you cancelled that one out the moment you thought of Panther's rawlgun combined with that perk :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
DaRocketeer Jan 4 2010, 9:33am says:

Positively amazing work guys. Can't wait.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Emil_4444 Jan 4 2010, 12:08pm says:

Woow awesome work! This makes it fun to be in jail :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
Croco15 Jan 4 2010, 4:35pm says:

Cool. Good ideas.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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