Into Cerberon aims to bring the gameplay of the definitive 6-degrees-of-freedom game, Descent, into the industrial gloom of Doom 3. Fly around the interiors of mines, refineries, research centres, and other industro-technical environments with full six degrees of freedom control: roll, tilt, yaw, and slide in all directions. Battle with your friends in pitch-black tunnels in the multiplayer action, or take on robots infected with a terrible nanovirus plague in the singleplayer campaign. An array of powerful weapons are at your command; from the humble lasers (not so humble once upgraded) and mundane concussion misssile to the fantastic Fusion Cannon and tremendous Mega Missile. Awe your foes as electric bolts leap from your ElectroHull, or give new meaning to the phrase "bad sunburn" with the insidious UV-8 Ultraviolet Emitter. Feel the kickback of the powerful AutoCannon as it hammers your target, or the heat from the Flamethrower as it fries armour plate like chicken wings....

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6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom) A proof-of-concept mod from the team behind "Into Cerberon": Descent Into Doom3 =================== Thanks for downloading 6DoF, a mini-mod designed for one purpose: to prove that you can do 6dof motion and controls in Doom3. Since we intend to bring the classic gameplay of "Descent" into Doom3, this is an absolute necessity. This mod shows that it's doable. Beyond that, it's buggy as hell, but we just wanted to get it out to show some progress. Some of the issues are irrelevant for our mod anyways or will need to be fixed in an unusual manner. To use, simply extract to your Doom3 folder. Start up Doom3 and choose "6DoF" in the mods menu. You'll notice the difference in mouse control immediatley, but for the full 6DOF you need to bind keys to "_button5" and "_button6" - theseare the buttons for rolling left and right, respectively. I suggest a WASD-QE-ZX scheme: WASD for forward/backward/left/right,...

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