IOS is a first and third person online multiplayer soccer game that aims to be the online equivalent of great console soccer games but with a true multiplayer teamplay experience. IOS requires Half-Life. You can join a public game of IOS at any time during a match or you can create your own. When you join the server you will be asked to select a team then you can select the position that you wish to play.

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IOS is five!

IOS is five!


IOS is five years old! I've posted some early development pictures to celebrate! Thanks to everyone who has played and supported the mod over the last...

IOS Beta 4.0a Server Patch released!


We are pleased to announce the release of IOS Beta 4.0a. This is a server only patch. You only need to install this if you run a server or host lan games...

IOS Beta 4.0 for Half-Life has been released!

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IOS Beta 4.0 for Half-Life has been released! Windows Full (102M) (UK) (USA) Linux Full (103M) Change Log: Added mp_clubteams 0=international only, 1=both...

IOS Tribute Video


Rebrov has created a cool new video celebrating IOS, it's community, teams and winning the ModDb "Sports Mod of the Year 2004".You can...

IOS Beta 4.0 Video! (Half-Life 1)

News 3 comments

I've created a video for Beta 4.0. It shows a few of the new features like improved animation, improved corners, improved free kicks and improved...

IOS Beta v3.0 Released!

News 6 comments

We are pleased to announce the release of IOS Beta 3.0! Download IOS Beta 3.0 for Windows (59,618,147 bytes) from FilePlanet Download IOS Beta 3.0 for...

IOS Beta 3.0

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Beta 3.0 should be released in a few days. There are 24 football grounds plus the USA team has been added. Black Cat has created a totrial map that will...

Online Soccer Beta 3.0 features and maps


Some of the new features that will be included in IOS Beta 3.0 are: Penalty Shootout mode. "Power Shot". Bots (player bots for practice and to help learn...

IOS Beta 3 Maps


International Online Soccer Beta 3 Maps. Here are some shots of just some of the new maps that will be included in IOS Beta3. All these maps were created...

IOS Beta v2.0 Released!


IOS Beta v2.0 Released! Visit for more details and download links. IOS now features fifteen international teams and nine football stadia plus many other...

International Online Soccer Q/A

News 2 comments

The International Online Soccer Q/A is up for your reading pleasure and if you love soccer you will love the mod. How long have you been working...

IOS Beta 1.0a Server Patch


You only need this patch if you run a server, but I'd recommend it to everyone just to be safe. This patch replaces the server code only, it will not...

IOS Beta v1.0 Released!

News 1 comment

IOS Beta v1.0 has been released! Visit for a list of download links. Or visit for more info.

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