Q: What is Insurrection 1776? A: Insurrection 1776 is a modification for Battlefield Vietnam set during the Revolutionary War that uses 18th century style combat. Q: What's unique about Insurrection 1776? A: Insurrection is far from your standard "replace all weapons and vehicles with new weapons and vehicles" type of mod. Visit the info section of this site to see the full list of changes we've made or still plan on making. 18th century combat is a totally unique kind of gameplay that can't be compared with any other FPS on the market. Q: How far into development is Insurrection? A: We currently have a public alpha release 0.30. The latest version has full infantry combat, artillery and forts with early versions of ships and horses. Q: Am I going to have to spend 5 minutes reloading between shots? A: We want to balance realism and gameplay as well as possible. Revolutionary War style combat is unique in that the firearms were very limited with a rate of fire of...

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