The sequel to my previous custom story, "Wake." Insomnia finds you overcoming your nightmare and awakening in modern times, in a place you can't identify.

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brohaw says

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It was a good mod, but after installing and playing it, I returned to opening my regular Amnesia.exe only to find that it had been altered with the Amnesia logo being replaced by a big Insomnia logo. This might be just a little thing to deal with, but it's very, very annoying. Frustrated, I uninstalled my WHOLE amnesia game and re-installed it from Steam (already pretty frustrating by itself >:/) only to find that my map editor, particle editor, and other such things are gone from my Amnesia folder. It's not your mods fault they're not there, but it is your mods fault I had to uninstall my game in the first place. Now I'm going to have to re-install it AGAIN. I fail to see why this mod couldn't just be a regular custom story, and if you're going to make your custom story a full conversion with it's own .bat file, then why in the world would it have to effect my default Amnesia.exe??? Don't get me wrong, This wasn't a bad mod. Unfortunately it wasn't worth the damage it caused and it's altered the way I feel about total conversions for the worse. :(


StevenTasiopulos says

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|Level Design|:
The only reason this gets a 9 is because of that damn view of the sunset in the second map as well as the snowy map.Don't know how ou did this but good job!


|Scary Aspect|:



|Voice Acting|:

Only 10 minutes.Dissapointed.

Short but lots of potential.
And very interesting.

This is the best mod! The scenery is wonderful, and then graphics, oh don't get me started!

great sequel


Of all the full conversion mods that I have downloaded, this is the ONLY one that I have now deleted because of what it did to my main Amnesia game. Why is this the only mod that messes with the main game? It replaced my main screen with the Insomnia screen and there are other issues with the actual mod itself when playing it. I got sound pops throughout Insomnia and some crazy graphical glitches like when you first enter the snowy area. That spotlight that is supposed to be on the ground was stuck 20 feet in the air by itself. At that point I just deleted it off my system. I am reinstalling the original game too just to make sure everything is back the way it was before this mess of a mod. I watched a gameplay for it on youtube too and it only lasts about 20 minutes. That's definitely not worth it.

Quite nice actually :D

I love all the custom models and textures, and the "Give Shadow" puzzle was inspired. I haven't finished though, as Mr. Face has me pinned and I'm too scared to go back to it :P

This mod is really cool. Some events are scary and very unique! The map uses custom textures which is really refreshing. What I don't like is the Insomnia logo which overwrites the game logo.

This was my first attempt at playing a 'modern' story and I enjoyed the changes that were made. Despite the story being short, it felt solid. While the turn of events in the story might not be so believable, it just seemed to fit. I can see parts where more stuff could've been added, but it doesn't feel like anything major is missing. One area could've been better with music in the background, or at least some kind of ambience. No big issue though; in my video playthrough I just edited in one of the main game's music tracks myself. I especially liked the city horizon texture. It felt spookily familiar to a couple of places that I've been in real life. Overall, great!


TO the poeple having the replaced amnesia screen with the insomia one its so easy to fix....just go into resources main menu picture or w.e and you change big deal. other than that amaing. wheres part 3?

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