Insects Infestation concept combines combat capabilities and strategy oriented gaming. In fact, it does not only allow to shoot anybody at anytime but it emphasizes on team play tactics. Obviously based on insects point of view, II will offer its player to choose among three different insect species such as Ants, Termites and Alliances. Each of these will have its own set of unique weapons, powers, behaviour and abilities. To add a little interest, species will be available in two main starting classes: Soldiers or Builders. Classes will eventually evolve into six distinct classes as you play, again to give even more diversity to the game. The goal is to kill the enemy queen and for sure, to kill any enemy player that would dare being in your way. Since the game will be team oriented, you will really have to work as a team. When you will start the match, you will be next your nest and you will have to build your colonie's offensive as well as defensive structures. While players will...

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