The inFUSIONmod in .big format Mod file for Command & Conquer Generals Fully tested in skirmish and LAN Multiplayer games. It Contains more then 150 modifications, 20 new units (6 inedit), 3 new skins sets, 78 new textures, 16 new cameos, 8 color sets, 68 audio files, 134 units tweaks and compensations, 21 realistic scaling adjusts.

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We HBM Team strongly discourage stealing skin/texture and therefore we must give you a low rating for your action


oknarfs says

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k k


Kalga says

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Unbalanced, buggy, etc.

But at least it works with Origin!

Well, Looks like i agree with the two reviews below me


AlexZH says

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Stealing someone else his work, please tell me how good you are at skinning.

the mod is good new units unique in the cnc for example the A-4 Skyhawk , im from argentina and this plane is very important for me!

nice how you made the units, but somethings just feel a little bit unfitting. i think it needs some more polish.


pereriver says


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