A short custom story for Amnesia, designed by my house (I live in a flat). You wake up, you don't know where you are, you don't know how did you get there... You have to get away, or die.

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Really cheap scare and bit short..

At least some room have put atmospheric scare


Loved made more and have a wonderful day and make more ok bro :D Aaaa Later!!!


The map design was pretty bad in my opinion, the maps looked like they were made in rush, with no details.

Also i think your stairway was too simple, and it had glitches. Overall the CS was worse than decent

is too short, but is good,continue.


- Grunt scared me
- Design is okay (except for some minor mistakes and lack of details)


- Extremely short
- Absolutely no story at all
- No challange


What is there to jugde here? The story is 3 minuts long :/. The very short gameplay contained some decently good level design (at least the apartment. The staircase was however bland and had some minor mistakes, like missing weldars at the stairs).

The grunt was a bit scary though because I was hoping I could run further up. I was wrong. I jumped past him like a ninja and crawled into a corner in hope he would go away. Lukcily it was enough.

To be honest, it's a very boring story because it barley is a story in this.

3/10 - Bad


I liked the idea of the stairs and being able to explore a few of the rooms. It would have been really good had it been longer and had more exploration.


mcsexy says

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Just...after playing this, I feel like I want that 10 minutes of my life back. There was absolutely NO substance to this custom story, no rhyme or reason, no point, no flow. Just running around, finding items that make no sense, trying them on about 20 different doors, running into one monster (which was stuck in a room and never left), and then it abruptly ends, leaving me scratching my head as to what in the holy hell just happened. Not to mention the INSANE amount of clipping textures everywhere, some of which actually impeded my path at certain points.

If you're going to make a mod, make the player WANT to continue. Add a story, flesh it out. Have a point to it. Make it interesting. Build the tension with an unsettling atmosphere. In the end, that's what Amnesia is all about, it's not all about running around using keys like a madman.

-1 for lack of story
-1 for lack of creepy atmosphere
-1 for lack of length
-1 for lack of detail

A better story plot would be nice, but i ended up wandering halls not knowing why or what i was looking for. I was being spoiled with items i didn't need, and some things were out of place, looking like they were just thrown. After finding a key, not being sure what it was for, i finally found a door, and beat the game. It was disappointing for only 1 monster encounter and lack of creepy atmosphere, but its good if you look around alot and collect items, i hardly used the lantern at all.
Thank you for making this map so i found it and played it, i thank you for your time.
You sir, have earned a 4/10
Thank you



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