Improved Quake (IQ) is a progs.dat mod designed especially for the classic Quaker who is getting bored of the all-too-easy monsters, or the very limited deathmatch selection. It's interesting that the abbreviation for this mod is IQ, because one of the main changes will be to the AI. This mod does not feature strange extra features, or new guns, or weird add-ons, just some basic improvements that every Quaker will like. This mod will include new features like slightly smarter AI, locational damage, and a few other surprises you'll have to discover for yourself! -- Thanks for help (so far) to: DrLabman Spike -- All screenshots taken in my engine, Vengeance: Recommended engine to play with: Vengeance r2 -

Version 1.5 Release!

9 years ago News 0 comments

Happy New Year, all you Quakers! Version 1.5 of Improved Quake has been released, with all new features including: - Gave Shalrath a melee attack - Added...

V1.4 Released

9 years ago News 4 comments

Improved Quake version 1.4 has been released! The new version adds features like faster dying in lava, removed blood from secret doors, and more! Get...

Bug fixed - v1.2b released!

10 years ago News 0 comments

After being informed of a bug concerning the fiends in IQ v1.2, I promptly fixed the bug so that Fiends will actually attack you, and now Improved Quake...

IQ v1.2 released!

11 years ago News 3 comments

IQ v1.2 is complete and available for download! Check out the mod profile here or the IQ website here New features include: Quieter footstep sounds Impulse...

IQ Completed!

11 years ago News 3 comments

Improved Quake is completed! You can download it here: :D IQ is designed not to add new guns or strange features, but to make basic improvements that...

IQ at 80%

11 years ago News 0 comments

Improved Quake is a modification for the classic Quaker that has gotten bored of Quake, whether because the monsters are too dumb, or it has just become...

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