Hello there! It's my new remake of original Doom II maps. There are dynamic lights only and a lot of new features now. Some places or elements were reworked, but i tried to keep original view. Also, this map-pack not using a new textures or sprites and have full compatibility with some mods or texture-packs (for example, Brutal Doom bugging somewhere, but it's not fatal, i guess) Please, read Requirements bellow. And yeah, sorry for my awful english... :3.

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The_DooM_Marine says

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I Played this map with D4T and look perfectly.


Noob3081 says

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shadowman656 says

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Gosssssssh... this is so utterly brilliant, 9.8 doesn't quite convey -- this right here is 10.0 material!!


Buckethell says

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A fantastic, almost unbelievable map work


EtherBot says

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It does everything it sets out to do and more, I'd give it an 11 out of 10 if I could.


BloodAmplifier says

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I gotta say, I'm impressed. No longer does Doom 2 have blocky light depth, just smooth OpenGL lights. I kinda always wanted to see what an only OGL lit map pack would truly be like, and here it is. There are even quite a number of tweaks and additions to the maps themselves, but they're still completely recognisable. All together, it's a solid map remaster and I can imagine having a ton of fun playing through Doom 2 again, like this.

Shame it runs like crap on my PC. :v


VoidedLake33 says

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Love how you didn't change the maps drastically, but added lighting and other little things that made this remaster of DOOM 2 just perfect


Are you gonna do a DOOM 1 remaster?

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