Claustrophobia is an Action/Adventure/Puzzle type mod in which you play a rebel in the Half-Life 2 universe fighting and solving his way through areas to get to safety.

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It really amazes me that so many people give this mod a 8 to 10, i really can't give more then a 5/10.

I noticed quit a few errors, missing models, textures, sounds and scripts, (that is what the console said at least).

Then, the level layout was sometimes really good and in other places a real mess, sorry but i simply can't say it better. It really looked like the mapper really liked mapping on the first levels, but the further he went in to the project the worst the levels looked. Specially in the last few levels there were many rooms and hallways that simply had 1 texture, for floor, walls and ceiling!! And these places were filled with as it looked random placed models.
The back tracking was awfull, every puzzel i had to walk around and around, simply to see if there was a door opend somewere. Most puzzels didn't make sence anyway. And some didn't work. There were rooms filled with ammo and weapons, that i only could find after noclipping. Why these rooms were there was a real mistery to me, because the player couldn't get in there. At the end the mod crashed and i had to restarted my pc through the on/off button!!

So, all in all i think a 5 is even a bit high for this one.
What did surprice me most is that it seems that this one was already released 2 years ago or so. ANd now the mapper did go over all levels and fixed a lot of stuff. Does me wonder how they looked then back 2 years ago.

So, sorry. I do see you did put in a lot of time in some places. But in the same amount of places it really looked like you tried to get this one as quit released as possible.

a fellow mapper/modder,


dcf-joe says

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At first glance, you will notice that the download size of this mod is not that large. But, thinking that this mod is short because of the download size is extremely erroneous. This mod is best classified as a puzzle solving one. A majority of your time playing through this mod will be spent by backtracking once you gather something in order to move on to the next puzzle. Let me say this now, the mod creator definitely loves his keys LOL.

In order for the backtracking to work, one has to spend time thinking about how they are going to make their maps work with backtracking. The creator of this mod definitely thought out the maps. The maps themselves are traversed logically. The puzzles can be solved. I did have to read the included walkthrough more than once, but never did I have to noclip out of someplace.

You will also notice that concepts and assets are taken from a majority of the official Half-Life games, to include Half-Life 1 and its expansions. I noticed that the keys were probably taken from a Half-Life 1 mod. Some of the sounds were Half-Life 1. The tram was taken from Half-Life 1, btw I LOVED the fact that the creator included the tram sequence. A tram sequence was also taken from a Half-Life 1 level, where you are on the tram and there are guards, elevated, on your left and right. The antlion from Half-Life 2 is present, and you know when it is going to come. Enemies from Episode 2 are also present. The ending text was taken from Blue Shift when Barney Calhoun was also considered OUT OF RANGE.

I love that the Episode 2 engine was used. You can definitely tell that the lighting and overall graphical appearance is better and sharper, respectively.

Since you are underground a majority of the time, you will cherish your time aboveground. The funny thing is, the only thing that scared me, appeared aboveground. LOL.

<3 the mod.

Parts felt unfinished. Had a difficult time, even on medium. Had to use noclip twice because of no possible way to get through two parts (not fighting, but just area navigation). Key system didn't work too well because it is hard to see the keys. One part was impossible to solve until I looked online how to solve it. Otherwise, it felt like it could have been a potential game.

well this mod is hard , it seems that i always skip something and i have to go back and look around for half hour and than by pure acident find something that i need to progress

Like Philip already mentioned, the mod includes a lot of switches in terms of quality.
Nethertheless this mod makes many things great, nice areas where you can really see that the author put some thoughts into the mapping.
Also this mod includes so many good ideas, simple things like the wood that blocks the door.
Or that funny part with the dispenser which explodes after you got the nade from it ^^
Still, there are some things that I missed, some sort of ectase in combat, the levels are mostly the same, the enemies are placed very well, but you keep fighting the same ones, only in the last one you meet a bunch of new enemies.
Also the keys are so goddamn hard to see, just making the key red or yellow can't really be that hard.

Anyway, I give it a 8 cause of the funny and good ideas, and the very high quality of the map layouts.

This is an excellent and very long mod for Half Life 2. I spent ages getting lost in some levels. It was really great.

My only gripe (and why it doesn't get a 10/10) is that many of the "keys" are nearly invisible unless you're looking directly at them with your flashlight shining and some of the other things necessary to open doors (such as access cards and their associated readers) looked rather out of place.

For example: in a brick wall, during one part of the game, is a "card reader" which appears to be simply four rectangles with "Combine Metal" textures and a "Combine Forcefield" inside the rectangle. It was a

Otherwise, though, superb level editing and very engrossing. I loved it. :)

Ah yes, i've been waiting for this mod around 1 year now i believe. And finally, it was released!
First of i would like to thank the creators for making such a great mod. It has somehow been the wait worth, and on some points not.
There is both good things and bad things about the mod.
Down sides might be that often i end up running in circles looking for the keys that you have to collect. And after collecting them i end up running around more looking for the door it fits.
After all that is probaly what makes the mod take so long to beat. Also that you have no crosshair (or atleast in my version) makes it all abit weird.
Otherwise, i love the map design great looking levels. Not missing anything, i havn't come across any bugs yet. And for once a mod that doesn't spam you with ammo and health! thats for one thing, something i enjoy about this.
In the end, 8/10 and good work.



A fun mod to play. I felt some of the puzzles could have done with some clues.

I couldn't make it through some parts without noclipping. e.g. towards the end of the mod there should have been a Combine transport which bursts out of a garage. In the garage there was a force field switch I needed to turn off to progress. As the Combine transport didn't activate, then I couldn't enter the garage without noclipping into it.

Anyway, a good fun mod.



I remember playing this in 2011 with mixed feelings.

I can say that I have better feelings for it now after playing it again.

The design in the first few maps was decent enough, with some levels including level-made furniture which reminded me of some of the better maps in the WC-mappack. Not to mention the gameplay itself was fun enough.

However, it got worse as the game went on, and the puzzles didn't exactly work for me in some cases.

However, I enjoyed many of the levels except the ending ones where it looked like the mapper got lazy, and the I felt more fatigued as I kept playing what seemed like increasingly boring maps.

However, It ended on a high-note with the secret arena level that gave me some more of a rewarding ending, even if I couldn't use the secret HEV suit for long.

Not bad, but it certainly could have been better.



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Well, here we have another "old school" HL2 map pack, and I say map pack, because here we have a set of 6 chapters, which offer us very special maps which not necessarily have a logic together.
In all of the maps always have to look for a key or something in order to open some doors and proceed into the map, the mod itself has some cool battles and most of it develops underground until you reach the surface.

Battles were fair enough and also were entertaining, the only issue I complain about is the end, for me, would've been perfect that once you reach the house near the buggy to escape, a final big or huge battle comes down, I hadn't that so I got very disappointed, I mean why is the point of offer to the player a bunch of weapons and ammo as a "gift" at the end of the mod if you can't use it??? There would have been perfect to fight against some hunters in an ambush like combat, some elite combines and maybe a helicopter.

Overall is a nice mod to play, with the simple goal to escape, also being a rebel and not Gordon adds another nice touch to the story.

In conclusion play it! I guess your gonna be entertained"!

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