The A.C.I.B. has need of your special abilities to counter a new threat to civilisation. You have been given a rendez-vous in the warehouse district of the city to receive your mission briefing.

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Great mod!!


Probably my fifth favorite HL1 mod of all time.

Just fun.

In a world where there are dime a dozen mods this one stand out in its simplicity and its intriguing villain.

So far this mod is excellent. Especially by HL1 mod standards. This mod tells a a nice story, and is conveyed nicely through the use of scripted sequences. (Which is hard to find in a lot of HL1 mods!)



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Half Life mods have always pushed the limits of how the story can be told further but there always comes a mod that introduces a story part that not even hardcore fans could think of.

In this mod, Freeman has been ordered to terminate the operation of the Gman (potrayed as a mad scientist) to prevent him from bringing in creatures from Xen via a portal.

The Self-adjusting skill level makes the mod one of the more harder ones for the serious gamers to enjoy, Pretty much at every turn you'll be facing Ambushes or groups of enemies and Puzzles.


What a nice mod. I really liked the different areas, cleverly thought-through puzzles and the overall vibe was perfect. I also encountered quite a few funny things/bugs which I recorded, but nothing game-breaking.

The end battle is a bit too hard, but it is very well doable.


This is one of the greatest half life mods there is, I can't believe I didn't play this before.

The plot is good, the level design is excellent, every single thing is pretty detailed and this has one of the best introductions ever.



A very clever mod with an extreme diversity of battle challenges, using only original content of HL1, yet you will hardly recognize any locations, it's a really nice piece of work, and the final part is just amazing.

I see no reason this doesn't deserve a straight 10 out of 10.

The mod starts off with a simple intro that clearly lays out the plot and starts you off. The rest of the game is going through a fun and carefully built facility. Designs were good and going through the mod was highly enjoyable.

The creator even put in the extra little effort to put some personality behind the main villain and some of the allies you come across in the game. Certain parts of the mod were especially flashy and detailed and I loved every second of it.

I found no problems whatsoever with the mod apart from a single texture error that just caused a small surface to flash. This is bug free and well crafted, so kudos to you and job well done. I loved this.

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Great mod!!

Aug 16 2012 by hackerchief