You are Gordon Freeman, a scientist working at a top secret government laboratory. Your team is working on discovering the implications of the Chaos Theory, but so far the results have been inconclusive. However, you have the feeling that today’s experiment may provide answers one way or another… This was originally created by Stuart Maine. His website has been down for awhile however.

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Weperlol says

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A really short mod that felt more like a mappack because each level feels completely diffrent and there is no story really...

it jumps from challenging to easy to hard. the level design isn't bad.


0b1der says

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did better than I could, though



poshgaloo says

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This really felt more like a map pack than a mod. Every map just felt like some kind of arena like environment. The mapping was detailed in some spots but was mainly just really bland. The creator could have added a story. The title really has nothing to do with the mod. It might as well have been called 5 bland arenas. Anyways, pros and cons:
some pretty good mapping detail in some spots in the mod
proper difficulty ramp up
clean running with no crashes
mostly fair gameplay
clever mentioning of the mod's title at the end
no story
bland maps
a little over the top fight with the apache at the end of the mod
Overall, Chaos Theory gets a 7/10.
BTW, I also encountered a moment where I had to noclip because I had killed the apache and got a keycard and couldn't find its slot. That was also a little problem for me.


flippedoutkyrii says

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Chaos Theory is from a simpler time, and should be judged as so. Doing otherwise is quite frankly, unfair.

The mapping was certainly eye-catching for the time (A nice change from generic kill-boxes) and the pacing and combat was well done and balanced, if not odd in some areas.

Give this a try if you are dying for some old-school fun :)


flamingcrows says

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