Destruction's like company of heroes (you can destroy every side of the buildings you hit) + Effects like world in conflict + High ploy models + C&C Gameplay!

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As the new images have shown, this game appears to be highly similar to Supreme Commander, but in a good way. I would recommend making build times universally smaller if you are going for the Supreme Commander feel.

I want more updates and new Units... Bigger UNITS!!! Gave you a ten, not because of how awesome it is, But on how much work you put into this mod. <3 You Creator


A clear example of the incredible thing is the "graphic engine" of the C&C3 TW.
My sincere congratulations to the creator of the mod.

Looking goood!!

This mod has alot of changes which are very detailed with not only texture but the model quality, it pushes the game engine without overdoing it, it has some interesting effects which really bring out the new units, good work

great job! Keep it up =D

good one


no review provided it just that awesome

A very enjoyable Mod, be even better when more units are avaible to use :)

Best Particle FX EVER

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