Name: Exion type Onslaught maps Version: Exion v3.00 Compatibility: UT2004 (UT2004 3270 patch required.) Homepage: Download: Credits: George Varga ( EXION ONSLAUGHT MAPS: Destroyable Onslaught maps: ONS-Exion-Warfare ONS-Exion-WarfareClassic ONS-Exion-Labyrinth ONS-Exion-Gangways ONS-Exion-FrontLine ONS-Exion-ArcticStronghold ONS-Exion-FrostBite Onslaught maps with Exion type "Karma" objects, vehicles and weapons: ONS-E-TDB-Aztec ONS-E-Torlan NOVELTIES IN THE EXION V3.00 COMPARING TO THE PREVIOUS (EXION V2.00) VERSION: 1. The Human Space Fighter, Skaarj Space Fighter and the Bomber planes can be also used in the game. 2. The bullet hit effects wich were made by Mr. Evil and ADS have also been integrated into the game. 3. New map: ONS-Exion-Warfare: destroyable map, with Exion type of weapons and vehicles. To own the thermal spas wich contain valuable materials destroy the enemy`s Power Core. 4. New map: ONS-Exion-WarfareClassic: destroyable map. Similar to...

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