A squad of soldiers is call in to take out Al-kab-dir because of his threat on freedom. He wants to take out the U.S. from within. The squad, Forward Strike, needs to eliminate him at all cost. The squad is famously known as Heroes 7.

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Trailer is up for Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 2. Extended trailer will be released later. Enjoy!

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Sorry about the delay. One of my voiceover actor is MIA for a little while...He couldn't get the sounds done. So I have to find an alternative. Give me some time. :)

Extended trailer is up! Watch it now!



Trailer is up for Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 2. Extended trailer will be released later.
Extended trailer would be the first couple of minutes of the game, leading up to the "surprise". Over 3 mins to be exact.


View it here or on xfire.

There's a problem with the video processing on here, so just watch it on xfire. If everything is fine, watch it here if not just watch it on xfire. EDIT: I reupload it and is in process. Watch on xfire for now. EDIT: I don't get the problem with the videos on this site, so just watch on xfire. Watch all videos, even upcoming videos on there until I can find a fix to upload here.


Here's another video for a sneak peak of part 5 and 7. Keep in mind, these are pre-alpha maps. I did them a long time ago.


As for release date, I still intend to release by the end of September.

Beta.xfire.com - Part 3 Episode 1 credits - outro

For you to see the credits of episode 1. Before episode 2 releases.


As a bonus, I'll add in a pre-part 3 level. Which takes place between part 1 and 3. It's one of the part 1 map leading up to the FOB for part 3. I'll release this after part 2.

I also had a side project which is just some small fun maps. You can download it on here too. This is from modsonline.

FYI, there is no end to the maps. Also you have to compile the maps yourself. These are source files.

I give you permission to edit them, tweak them, etc. Just don't steal anything.

Uploaded it, it will be available soon after authorization. Again, enjoy! Get it in the add-on section!

The fun maps should keep you busy for some time before the release of part 2.

Redownloaded part 1 and 2 on modsonline. There was an error with the setup file for part 1 in the rar file. I never had a problem before but I have a problem now. I did release the source files on the website so that's good. I'll upload it here. Get it when it's available. Beware though, the maps were pretty bad but I improved a lot. Try to enjoy. Please don't judge that much, since I have improved. So enjoy! Part 2 would be available shortly.

Enjoy them before Episode 2 is available!

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