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Welcome to the Halo Wars: Speadhead Overhaul
Scroll all the way down for added information and WIP Guide.
This mod is not yet released and is looking for additional team members.
Sadly HW can only allow 3 new leaders, this will be Flood, Heretic and Rebel. Lt. Green will become Anders, Hunter will become brute.

What this mod plans to adds/change:

11 brand new UNSC units.
6 brand new UNSC leader exclusive units.
10 brand new UNSC exclusive leader powers.
Tweaks/Changes 16 UNSC units.
Adds 2 UNSC buildings.
Tweaks/Changes 7 UNSC buildings.
Adds 1 new UNSC Leader
11 brand new Covenant units.
6 brand new Covenant leader exclusive units.
15 brand new Covenant exclusive leader powers.
Tweaks/Changes 12 Covenant Units.
Adds 2 Covenant buildings.
Tweaks 7 Covenant buildings.
Adds 1 new Covenant Leader

Tweaks Supply Income.
Changes tech cap to past 4 power score.
Adds more population.

Adds more buildings to skirmish creep Ai bases.
Allows creep Ai bases to build more units.
Adds 1 new creep Ai faction.
Adds 4 new playable factions.
Multiplayer compatibility.

Couter unit overhaul. (Soft/Medium/Hard)

UNSC Cutter
UNSC Anders
UNSC Forge
UNSC Lt. Green
Covenant Arbiter
Covenant Brute Chieftain
Covenant Prophet
Covenant Hunter
Insurrection / Rebels
Covenant Heretics

How to install
There is no alpha versions available yet.

Known bugs:
-If a Scout Sniper is cloaked while upgraded with Squad Mate, the new unit will not be cloaked.
-Engineer squads do not auto attack enemy units, the player has to target units for them.
-One Marine in the Engineer Squad will not fire its weapon.
-When using the Repair ability for Engineers, Ander's voice line will trigger.
-Scout Snipers will play a unit built voice line while they are still being dropped off by the Pelican.
-Present units upgraded with a unit replace/remove will have 1 extra member. New squads will have the correct number of units.
-Scout Sniper's weapons do not camouflage. This does not trigger unit aggro though
-Infantry Sections have their spawn animation removed due to crashing the game while using a pelican drop in animation (sniper works)
-Infantry Sections do not have a large green unit selection for some reason.
-Scout Snipers spawn with Active Camo as when upgraded to get the ability, it does not work
-Spider Tank and Anti Air Spider Tank's icons do not show locusts, instead show Spirit of Fire default logo

-Spider Tanks so not have the large purple unit selection for some reason.
-Flood Hogs do not have the flood pod movement smog like the Flood Scorpion


New Units:


UNSC Engineers - Added
UNSC Scout Sniper - Added
UNSC Infantry Section - Added
UNSC MG Fireteam
UNSC Anti-Tank Fireteam
UNSC M202 12.7 Coyote - Added
UNSC M512 90mm Coyote
UNSC Reserve Scorpion
UNSC Heavy Scorpion
UNSC Armored Marines
UNSC Aggressor Sentinel
UNSC Shielded Sentinel
UNSC Rhino
UNSC Plasma Marines
Covenant Assault Team

Covenant Grunt Mob

Covenant Heavy Plasma Squad

Covenant Elite Rangers - Added

Covenant APC Wraith

Covenant AA Wraith

Covenant Artillery Wraith

Covenant Honor Wraith
Covenant Spec Op Elites

Covenant Needler Elites

Covenant Sentinal Partner

Covenant Hunter Captain

Covenant Super Scarab
Forerunner Shielded Super Sentinel
Forerunner Shielded Aggressor Sentinel
Flood Shielded Elite Combat Form
Flood Grunt Mob
Heretic Suicide Grunts
Heretic Spider Tank
Heretic AA Spider Tank

Heretic Attachable Elite Ranger

Heretic Attachable Hunter

Rebel attachable Medic

Rebel attachable Flamethrowers

Rebel Pelican


New Buildings Info:

Firebase = Outpost
Station = Firebase
Fortress = Command Station

Barracks = Forward Reconnaissance Division + Support Barracks
Vehicle Depot = Mechanized Armor Depot + Support Armor Corps
Field Armory = ONI Research Facility
Hall = Reconnaissance Hall + Specialized Infantry HQ
Factory = Workshop + Factory


Would like to add


(Visually changed) Flood infected Scorpion - Added

(Visually changed) Flood infected Ghost

(Visually changed) Flood infected Warthog - Added
Flood Drop Pods

Flood Spartan/Hijacker

Rebel Grizzly

Rebel Nightingale / Hornet Healer

Rebel Commando

Rebel Rocket Hog

Togglable Attack/No Attack mode for units

Heretic Stealth Banshee

Change tech score to HW 2 Power Generation - Added
100% Flood Customizable squads


Alpha WIP UNSC Info Guide


Halo 1
Halo 6
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 4
Halo 5


Fair Use

Halo Wars Definitive Edition © Microsoft Corporation. Halo Wars Spearhead Overhaul was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo Wars Definitive Edition, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.



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Comments  (0 - 10 of 34)

Really loving your mod it looks very unique, love your approach to things and how you're adding new units

I was wondering, your flood builds structures anywhere will you be adding 'builder' units to other factions aswell? unsc ones to build bunkers / turrets covenant ones to build watchtowers and so on?

and what other new units do you have planned?

Will the new units ever be playable in the campaign?

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junoys Creator

Thank you so much!

"you be adding 'builder' units to other factions aswell?"
Yes, though not to the same extent. If all goes to plan, UNSC Infantry Sections will be able to build Bunkers/Garrisons while Covenant Assault Team will be able to build Shade Turrets.

"and what other new units do you have planned?"
Well most of what is coming I put on the list, but things have changed quite a bit. I can't list all the units I'm working on right now but one I want to talk about is the Insurrectionist Scorpion. Its very close to being done but core features are still broken. The Insurrectionist Scorpion spawns ungarrisoned, and any player can garrison it. The reason why it's unique is the garrison feature. You could take a Engineer squad, put it in the scorpion, then when damaged, have them ungarrison and repair the vehicle. Might have a limit on them pop cap wise, because it would be easy to abuse this, since any infantry can operate it. (Whats broken: Scorpion spawns controllable with no units inside, when a unit gets in it, then hops out, they can't get back in.)

"Will the new units ever be playable in the campaign?"
Maybe. Right now, I have all the old file data saved for the campaign, so at this moment, modded units do not carry over. It wouldn't be hard to transfer them over, just time consuming.

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Before, I didn't have much interest in buying the PC version of halo wars since I already had the xbox version, now it looks like I might have a reason... ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Is there any way to replace sound files for flood units when selecting them?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
junoys Creator

There definitely should be. One thing that I heavily want in this mod is for all flood units, etc have flood sounds. From Flood Tanks spawning in, to Flood idles. Something down the line I will be looking into is importing Halo 3, Halo 2 sounds into the game. Maybe finally the Flood Leader will have some Gravemind lines :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Looks good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
junoys Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

I think you'd need a civ for each faction to get the colours you want. Didn't work for me before but maybe you'll have better luck.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This mod looks very promising!

Will there be a flood faction in this mod, and will there be any new air units? Such as a pelican armed with mounted rocket pods and a 70mm auto canon?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
junoys Creator

Flood faction is a must have! Many other mods have flood factions but mine will be very unique. Some features I hope to implement is full customizable squads, flood swarm/combat form drop pods as well as having flood vehicles.

As for air units, I haven't looked too indepth for them but Covenant and UNSC will have access to spirits/pelicans that can train unique units as well as the Heretics getting a Stealth Banshee, and the Rebels getting a hornet "nightingale". I might look into other units, like modified Vampires or Super Vultures.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Can't wait!

Will there be an early access/beta to help test the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
junoys Creator

I could throw together a suuuuper early access right now, but the only things that would be present is the new power system and some units replacing others so it would be more of a hassle for players. Id rather release a 75% version or a 100% version than a 2%.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I understand.

If you have trouble making flood vehicles, there was a cut pure form from halo 3 that would hijack vehicles and coat them in biomass. You could probably just copy/paste the spartan hijack ability onto a combat form.
There was also a carrier like form that could hold and release up to 6 combat forms at a time by running around the battlefield absorbing biomass from flood and human/covi units. Could be an interesting super unit for the flood, where its special ability would release these combat forms

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
junoys Creator

I know about those concept forms that you speak of. I'd have to look into the carrier form details about changing it to hold combat forms. I could always use the thrasher form as a combat form holder but I have no visual changes I can do atm.

Flood vehicles. What I was planning on doing for flood vehicles was attaching Flood Growth Pods to hardpoints on the model. So, it wouldn't look too different, but you could tell a flood scorpion from a UNSC scorpion. I'm also looking into replacing Marines / Elites from ghosts and replacing them with combat forms since in Halo 2, they could drive vehicles.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

If you hit a deadend with the carrier form details, BlackandFan's FloodVsRebels mod has a pure form that occasionally releases infection forms. I'm sure you could manipulate that code and slap it on a different model for that unit

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Pretty sure. Flood infection forms were randomly appearing out of them, so unless I accidentally added it while making slight modifications thats how they act

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
junoys Creator

I think you mean the flood buildings. They do that

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Next time I have time to play I'll play as the flood and screen cap it when it happens.

Unless the AI was using flood drops and the animations weren't rendering infection forms were spawning around the pure forms

EDIT: After having 2 pure forms go toe-to-toe with a scarab I discovered what happens - upon death pure forms release a squad of infection forms. I guess when I was going up against the AI there were 2 pure forms right next to each other so when I killed one it looked like it spawned from the other

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Aug 11 2017

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