The player has made a mistake in the past and has to face the consequences now ... through suffering! The punishment comes to the player in 4 parts and one additional final part. This is like nothing you have ever played before.

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Insanity of arn >)

Best ending ever...



This mod is great with unique level design for it's time. and it's long enough.

the voice acting is bad though with no real effort but just friends goofing off which is fine by me :)

however the fighting gets tedious real quick because you only get to fight 3 reskinned enemies throughout the whole mod (and a final boss but he's just a brush really... but it's a cool fight with a unique way to defeat him).

this mod is great either way you should totally check it out. :D

Excellent non-ordinary mod with lots of humour.

take 10/10 )


kellyX says

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hardihaha mod good


Recommend this to fans of mazes.

+ Unique boss fight
+ Some interesting puzzles

- Boring combat, you only face vortiguants and headcrabs (and some few grunts)
- Repetitive
- No challenging at all (except for the repeat part)
- Some bland maps
- Trial and error
- Nothing to do with quake, despite the name...


wida says

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BEST.MOD.EVER but easy

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Jan 27 2012 by sicka11

Lowest Rated (2 agree) 4/10

This is the sort of map pack that leaves you disappointed and annoyed. Not in the sense that it was hard, apart from 3 parts I really didn’t have much trouble at all. …and I’ve never really been good at these sort of things. Its got nothing to do with Quake so you pretty much have to ignore what you think its referring to, a bit shameless to draw people in with its name… I’m tempted to downgrade it just for that but I won’t. When you look at this mod objectively, you see - some bland…

Jan 24 2012 by TheUnbeholden