Half-Life Runner is a multiplayer fun mod for hl1 made by #g-c-c - Goddking's Coding Connection( known as JKArts now -> ). It is a very fast multiplayer fun mod. In Half-Life Runner you actually have to be faster then your oppenent. It is no sporty match, but there are many many weapons, which are distributed all over each runner map, you can use to stop your opponents. For every round you get 5 frags. If you want you can run alone and break the HLRunner Lap records which will be displayed on the mod homepage. An other feature is sponsored by #g-c-c , the Half-Life Runner Challenge.the challenge will start with the release 2.1 beta of Half-Life Runner. Then you can register your team in the challenge which will run against other teams with formula 1 rules :). At the end of the Challenge there will a present for the 1st placed team ^^.

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