Half-Life Overhaul Pack - it's a high-quality replacement pack for the original Half-Life models and sounds. As fan of singleplayer episodes I played a lot of the Half-Life mods, and all about improving of the playing experience were always interesting for me. So I made this package that can be used not only to play Half-Life as it is, but for playing different Half-Life mods too. Models and sounds included in this pack are not only my personal work. I'm just tried to gather some amazing elements made by other people, edit these elements and create new stylish replacement pack. I also had the task to save full functionality and classic style of original Valve's models for all of their replacements and don't forget to improve and fix all I can.

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Best high definition pack for Half-Life ever created.All the hd models has the feels and charms of the old low-res models.



The best pack ever!

The good and finest ***** ever!



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Half-Life's Visuals have always been debatable.. Many of the old school players enjoy the LD weapons and models of the "Vanilla" Half-Life while others enjoy the much hyped but very disapointing Valve HD pack.

Over the course of the years, Many have tried to make a pack that makes Half-Life look better but many times they have failed..until now.

The "Overhaul" pack is a completely new kind of SD pack that replaces not only the models with much better looking models but also the maps, thus giving an Modern look to the maps.

Also included are 8 arm skins from various authors like Ambient Impact, Stone, RavenGT, and DiamonD. Far surpassing what the HD pack did, The Overhaul pack makes The Game Of The Year look new.

However is not nice as Trusty Pack, but this pack is still very cool.

such a good mod works with steampipe and is better the redux

Cool models and sounds. It's the best hd pack for now. The only thing i didn't like was the compile of models. I couldn't compile them.


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