this is my first half-life mod it released and you can now play you play as soldier mcpoker and this is m first mod it story and new gun models and maps it also has music from band

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Second greatest mod ever made.


Captain_Zed says

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Beautiful graphics, exciting and thrilling storyline, excellent programming, awesome mod and the third greatest goldsrc mod ever made next to BooM and Crack-Life!

Mud of all yers , you should make a expensive addun with new wepons and multiplear . If u do this i wull luv you sumuch with <3 nu humo lol.
BTW pls add new game modes as pave luw and a sequal and a tutrial how 2 downld musik 4 free THX

Ths mde vry god

Amazing mcpoker

This mod is god, hands down.

Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

mracproker put hrat into wrok

Wow, excellent. Great mod.
Really, I mean what's not to like?
This is the first mod that made me cry.


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