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You're Aleksey Bogdanovich, a soldier in the 106th Guards Airborne Division in Russia. The United States and Russia have been in a war for 3 years. You've been sent on a mission with 8 other soldiers to check on a disturbance in the wilderness around Tula. Before you know it, you were hit by something that fell out of the sky. Your helicopter is going down. You hear the pilot say, "Mayday, Mayday Альфа(Alpha)-32 is going down.", and then, you crash. You wake up, and find out that you are the only survivor in the helicopter crash, but your not alone...

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those models belong to valve and helmet part to the paranoia team

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what part of WIP don't you ******* understand??? >> dam copy right whores who cares about models right now he is focused on coding and animations among other more important function of the mod. for all we know these are just place holders.

And even if he uses other peoples assets, ITS A FREE MOD NOT FOR PROFIT and thus it is perfectly legal to use other peoples assets under the free and fair use clause of the US copy right act 1977. That said its not recommend as some original content and or features would make this mod a bit more interesting.

-_- and to everyone else sry for the rant im just sick of seeing all this copy right crap instead of any legitimate opinions and or constructive criticisms ...

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Im sorry senor jackass, This man made these models and textures mostly himself, he is just giving credit to the people who he took some resources from like a good citizen. I agree the way he worded the comment makes it seem like he is being a "copy right *****", but that is no reason to rip someones balls off. Please, look at the description before speaking

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Mister , i ported those models into mod , i also made those skins and when i published those skins for css , i gave them proper credit for all who made those skins possible. I KNOW that this is a placeholders , i even suggested it myself!

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However, Thank you for being so willing to defend our mod <3

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and one more credit for guy with nick name OLAF , he made model hacks , i forgot him.

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Just showcasing the Night time lighting, night soundscape, and SIR_halyavshik models from css that he ported to the rebels for us. If you want his models for your css, you can go here:


Also, I would like to announce that EvilJoe is going to be our weapon modeler for the mod. Everyone say hi to him :D

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