Powered with The_Author's : SMOD HL2 Modification and Valve's Source Engine 2006. this is a modification of Smod, using more realistic weapons, with the choice in-game to choose your game-style (Smod or Tactical) This mod include 19 custom weapons from the others Half-Life and 1 secret weap. To Play this Mod, You need Half-Life 2 (Not HL2:DM), Counter-strike:Source (Recommended)

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This mod is what Half Life 2 should have been.


It's was awesome when i could play it before the HL2 Updates n stuff. I wish there was some fixes for it though. :c But it's really fun.


just awesome adding the beta weapons was cool too and adding an alyx gun v was cool to you should add more smod weapons like the fists and the shovel and the dual pistols

Best realistic mod ever, that also expands the Half Life universe


the gore is gone the controls at first are really bad(i know you can change it) but still arrow keys in a fps, the weapons are good and the maps, the switch thing on how you want to play is unnecessary i mean this isn't terrible or anything you just have to improve stuff.

Its nice :)


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