A single- player modification of SMOD. It is not much, but it is aimed to make gameplay of SMOD more realistic in a way (similar to Redux's Realism Mode, but not quite the same). Also, there are some bugfixes for SMOD in this.
RealMod has more realistic weapons, correct day lengths (I've always thought the night time in Ravenholm was a bit short), better placed enemies, and SMOD bugfixes.
Just to say, I DID NOT MAKE SMOD OR ANYTHING IN THIS RELATED TO SMOD. THIS IS TECHNICALLY AN "SMOD" BASED MOD. This is my first mod, so please do not spam the comment section with non- constructive criticism.
I am now going to make my own textures and skins to use for the mod, such as making HD textures for the Original HL2 hands skin and weapons, I might also make new sounds and music for the mod. So everyone be patient.

Mod Deleted

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