This is a conversion for HL engine which is extended to show a improved HL universe. It contains several maps, new weapons, models, textures, sounds, enemies and effects.

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Beautiful design, animations and atmosphere! Only problem, can't play it because it crashes! What a shame. Definitely LOTS of potential!

Well made but too many crashes and glitches.

excelente mod, muy buena la calidad grafica... pero no anda, le faltan archivos que no vinieron en la instalacion, y en cualquier caso crashea.


0b1der says

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did not work on me, although i "Highly" think it's not that bad of a mod, if actually played.

By fine one of the best Code editing of GoldSource's Engine, this mod really pushes Half-Life to it's limits & Beyond!


felipe1455 says

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omg is awesome this mod!!!!!


It crashes a lot but it makes up with great gameplay mechanics.


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