It is late spring of 1802, and this year has thus far been a most interesting one. Your talents and proactive efforts granted you enrollment in a high quality, yet small academy of alchemic studies, nestled deep in Prussia near Brennenburg. The academy is a small one, taking on no more than 8 pupils, run by a single teacher, Alexandander, the latest in a long line of barons of Brennenburg. Already, you have learned more than you could have possibly hoped, and the future is looking very bright. Lately however, your roommate, Gustav, has been taking lessons with the baron in secret, a mystery which seems to be taking its toll on your roommate's already-questionable stability. Rumors pass among the other students, but are little more than speculation and entertainment. That is, until one night when you are awoken by a most horrible noise. Still in a haze from your dreams, you wander the halls to search for answers, or possibly flee for your life.

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Great custom story. Here is my rating:

+Amazing atmosphere
+Great and interesting story.
+ Awesome Mapping!!

-A bit too short, I want to know to story completely.
-Maybe too much monsters, and almost no chases.

Overall awesome map.

This custom story doesn't have anything outstanding, but the ideas are well executed. The Plot, starts very normal and in little time goes slightly deeper, givin agood amount of mistery. But its fall short during the end.
The idea of a precuel to the original game its good but its feel a little rushed toward the end.
The oversized model, can be worked in a more useful way.

Interesting twist. This mod features things i have never seen before and the idea of a back story to the vanilla game was original and well executed. Short but really well made


Woah this custom rocks :O

i think there was a lot of jumpscares which was good but i wish the game was a bit longer and had moer puzzles 8/10

It's a pretty decent custom story while maintaining "basic elements". Fair design, good storyline I think. Simple puzzles however. Anyway not bad, worth a try.


10/10 I really enjoyed this mod, very detailed and well thought out.



very interesting stuff ya got

The story was alright! Though I suspect its because it takes a different take on Alexanders story. I didn't think much of the scares or level design though, as I made my way through this CS there is only 2 parts that really stand out. Its the spiked throne and gigantic bodies. The mod is of a decent length but it doesn't offer much in terms of scares, or any other way, though the prison area was of a realistic, more maze like which I approve of.

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