The new development of Chronicles of Myrtana 2.6.1 is finally completed. After the latest works, the public release of CoM 2.6.1 has taken place and awaits you! Moreover, the team is always particularly interested in your suggestions and ideas about the mod, so as to improve the mod quality, everytime more. Finally, we support your active participation to the mod by creating your own submods and modifications. In case the content is of good quality, it may be included in the official GothicTW CoM!

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Bloody awesome, introduces a world I absolutely adore in a type of game I love, it also has great features, factions, units, the campaign is neat and you can hear some of the musics of the 3 games, love it! Would be great to have the scenes from the Gothics to fight in (sieges mostly).


Fenghuan says

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Praise Innos!

Awesome mod!


Complimenti agli ideatori, veramente un progetto speciale. Sicuramente tra i miei mod preferiti di medieval 2. Lo consiglio vivamente non solo a coloro che sono fa di Gothic ma anche a giocatori veterani che vorrebbero cimentarsi in una sfida difficile. Con qualche altro accorgimento di texture di qualche unità, i custom settlements e una correzione di qualche errore negli script potrebbe diventare perfetto.
Ancora ottimo lavoro e complimenti.


XXachillesThEBEAstXx says

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A perfect mod.


Gothic 1 and 2 are the best RPG's ever made IMO. This mod makes me go back to the only fictional world i absolutely love and yet again beat Gothic in one way or another :)


one of the best mods out there! great work! :D


It is wonderful the amount of love put in this game. It is pretty near in every detail to the lore of gothic.
I hope this mod gets the consideration it deserves.


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