Go-Mod is a sandbox modification for Half-Life based on the popular Source Engine game Garry's Mod.

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User47 says

1 agree

This mod shows that goldsource engine is not dead.
and after 11 years of its launch it still gets fans of all ages!
not a very creative idea I admit it but every game needs to have his sandbox.
soon I hope you have many options for entertainment and customization!


BigShep says

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It is one of the best Half Life mods I have ever seen in my whole life. There are unqie features that is the most enjoyible such as phycics, NPCs, and alot more. I love it. I rate it 8/10. JUST PERFECT!


gamefreak42 says

the files get corrupt


AnimalBear says

It's only the copy of Garry's mod but on Half-Life one.


Daft. says

It's a 8/10. Go-Mod is as bad-*** with it's brother, G-Mod.


McSolitaire says

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its ah god mod butt neds som work it neds blooom sadow regdoals tols othr tan tat it a god mod butt mcpokers mod is beter


vovapered says

Cool mod!But need more npc's


DDguy says

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Totally awesome! i have played many times, and i never get bored!


savi467 says

Mod is really great! its like Garry's mod for half life 1!


MarkLeong1997 says

"Great Mod! Keep it up a good work, guys!" -[F0B] Company

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