It is 2001. A small group of government scientists operating out of top-secret laboratories in the NORAD military base in Colorado discover that propulsed ions, under the right conditions, generate massive amounts of energy. However, during one of the tests, something goes terribly wrong, and a massive explosion decimates NORAD and 200 miles of surrounding wilderness. Chemical interactions between the soil and the research materials burn the surface of the damaged area deep red. The mountains become known as the Redlands and NORAD is closed. The government, fearing that it might not be able to sufficiently contain this new energy source turns to a small upstart company called Nautilus Industries (NI). NI discovers a way to safely harness and control propulsed ion energy through the use of a new technology called "hydronics". NI's innovations popularize the use of ion energy in everything from homes to vehicles. In 2005, NI develops the Single-Cockpit Ram Air Military Jet...

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