Totally crazy modification made by russian G-Man fans or... err... haters! XD Featuring: G-Mans (g-men?) are EVERYWHERE! They're invading our dear planet and trying to kill you... And now... YOU CAN KILL THEM! Yeah! :) But don't be surprised when you see their appearance... He-he... >: ) Flying G-Mans, cyborg G-Mans, monster G-Mans, alien G-Mans... This mod doesn't include any new maps or weapons. Just models, sounds and sprites. Should be compatible with any HL version (if you remove DLLs). Have fun!! ~X~.

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This mod is for both gman lovers and haters. You can either kill the infected gmen (the aliens in the normal game) and save the friendly gmen or you can go batshit crazy and kill them all. Most likely some you can't kill with out ******* up the game. Great funny mod!

TeHaVoK off.

I laughed so hard I fell off my chair XD

Ever wanted to kill that creepy stalking bastard? Now you can, over and over again!


Aint much but it still gives me the laughs sometimes



dinhhongson2013 says

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10/10 would play this game again

Needs more gman skins



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In Half-Life's storyline, The "Gman" is a mysterious person who seems to follow the character you play like a owl. The Gman is even more interesting in this mod.

Gmen are everywhere in G-Man Invasion and They are taking roles as Soldiers, Scientists, Aliens, Robots/Machines, and Security Guards. The weapons have all been changed to a more "Gman" style (like his suitcase) and Gman riding snarks.

The mod does not feature any new maps but the titles have been changed in the Titles.txt to represent the Gman, The mod is only singleplayer but for a mod like G-Man Invasion, It gives you many laughs.

This changes everything.... especially the soundtrack XD Also, it's not easy to change the playermodel or anything in this game for that matter :3 Why do I need to add 150 characters? It makes no sense. I already put down what I wanted to say, so I'll just waste some space. G-Crabs. G-Uards. G-Scientists G-Gordan Freeman.

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