FUEL: REFUELED is an enhancement modification for the game FUEL, which brings multiple bug-fixes, improvements and the addition of various new content.

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Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Sep 20 2010 Anchor

Known Suggestions
True Endurance Races (one side of the map to another)

Not possible at this time for reasons given or not given
Cockpit / Dashboard View (Very low quality internals and windows you can't actually see through)
Walking style mod (Complicated to produce, would never have an avatar present and wouldn't work outside single-player)
Improved GPS road recognition
Improved jumping
Disable vignette effect (I can't figure it out and so far nobody else has been able to either...)
Increase render distance / quality
Female Drivers (I apologize to all female drivers out there, but unfortunately I cannot bring new assets into the game).
LAN (I do not have access to the net-code).
Add more or different AI to free roam
Split screen
Keyboard key assignment to both open & close the map.
Ability to turn off the hud completely at the click of a button.
Volume of videos to match game settings and restrict to certain keys to skip
Nerf in-game debug menu
Add Traffic Vehicles to garage
Assign Keys to Free Camera / Motion Blur / Pause Animation
Number helipads

Ability to use camp helipad
Ability to change the prices of vehicles (various dificulty levels)
Ability to change the number of career stars to unlock zones (various dificulty levels)
Ability to change the value for race rewards (various dificulty levels)
Allow 16 players in all races
Any/Multi vehicle type races
Better vehicle color selection
Better performance statistics for vehicles
Choose vehicle in challenges

Custom Music
Damocles in Free Ride
Disable 'Nitro' Flames
Disable Bloom
Disable Motion Blur
Extended day & night cycle
Find a way to disable traffic

Fix Anti-Aliasing
Fix broken helipads
Fix handling of traffic trucks
Fix the damocles spawn problem
Fix the driver layouts of certain vehicles
Force hide hud upon game launch
Give traffic trucks a range of colors
Hydro & Dragster Races
Hydro & Dragster Races (Offline)
Improved vehicle cameras
Improved vehicle handling
Increase Debug time array
Increase internal view height to match relative player sight.
Make all gear unlocked
Make all zones unlocked
Make all vehicles unlocked
Minimal Hud option
More Races (Offline)
More vista pointsBetter looking menu
Multi vehicle type races
Number challenges
Number zones
Online compatibility mode
Provide a list of available console commands
Races allowing every vehicle type
Re-arrange debug menu vehicle selection / 'test' cars
Scroll slightly faster on the map when zoomed in
Tornado's in Free Ride
Wider vehicle selection in multiplayer
Zoom in further on the map

Edited by: Vetron

Apr 25 2011 Anchor

I still have not purchased this game, primarily because I am waiting for a fix to play LAN. We do LAN parties at my house about once a week, it's more fun when you can taunt the guy your beating in person, or smack the guy that's beating you, hehe.

I hope this isn't dead in the water, LAN would bring in a whole new community. Highly suggest it.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
May 19 2011 Anchor

Updated the suggestions list with items that have been added/completed.

TheRowdyRocket wrote: I hope this isn't dead in the water, LAN would bring in a whole new community. Highly suggest it.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

LAN has not been forgotten about, but currently it is not possible due to limitations enforced by GFWL. However I'm keeping track of various projects that are working with bringing LAN to GFWL games, if it becomes possible then I will include it.

Edited by: Vetron

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