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Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Sep 22 2010 Anchor
I actually have the solution to get the damocles fully 'unlocked' and working as we all want it in free ride... I could even upload and show a video of it working.

However - I am unable to bypass or remove the gfwl checksums / memory checks and thus the game will not start with these .exe edits made. (To test it works I used the demo .exe which has no GFWL component). Once again GFWL is proving an annoyance.

Any suggestions on how to remove or disable the GFWL checksum?
(Removing GFWL, although possible is not a solution as it would mean the loss of multiplayer...)


Current Progress:

  • Use Hex editor (I used XVI32) to open the FUEL.exe.
  • Hex 4D 45 53 48 5F 49 44 5F 42 4F 4E 55 53 5F 52 4F 41 44 5F 33 corresponds to the the text "MESH_ID_BONUS_ROAD_3".
  • Changing value '33' to '34' is changing MESH_ID_BONUS_ROAD_3 to MESH_ID_BONUS_ROAD_4.
    This allows the damocles to be driven in free ride.
  • GFWL has a checksum and restricts the game from being launched upon making these changes. However the demo .exe does not have GFWL and thus after replacing the main game .exe with the demo .exe and making this changes, the damocles can be driven successfully in free ride.
  • To gain further knowledge of all the values in the FUEL .exe you can decompile it with IDA Pro Free and you'll get all the info such as names and strings and makes it easier to find other hex values.
Good stuff that could come about from defeating the GFWL checksum:

  • Damocles Dragster In Free Ride
  • Add 'Distance to GPS marker' UI element
  • Add many other great UI elements and redesign the entire menu system to work like a proper PC game with full mouse support
  • More debug menu options, assign keys to 'hide hud' and other debug commands
  • Assign key to 'fly mode'

Edited by: Vetron

Sep 22 2010 Anchor

As I remember there were a replacement for xlive.dll named XLiveness which was made for GTA4 or Fallout 3 to disable checksums, game variables protection etc., - it was required to use some mods.

However, as I see, it's stated that the developers disabled online functions in it to prevent cheating in multiplayer:

But the word "disabled" gives me hope that it's what they did, and not an inevitable consequence.

Sorry, I'm not a pro at all with all those binaries and hex editing, but maybe it's worth to try contacting the developers.

Edited by: bac9

Sep 22 2010 Anchor

I have one for GTA 4 I used for modding, if you would just like to have it to see it.

Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Sep 23 2010 Anchor

I've taken a look into the xliveness mod, the problem is that FUEL appears to use a different approach to implementing GFWL - i.e. there is no xlive.dll.

I believe there is something relating to GFWL included within the gamesetup.exe - I'm in the process of decompiling it, to see what resources it contains.
Once I have a full set of .exe's from the full-game and demo I will be comparing them for differences, this should highlight the GFWL code.

Why did the devs of fuel have to make everything so damn awkward lol -_-

Sep 23 2010 Anchor

lol. I noticed though, just to see what would happen, I put the xlive.dll into my FUEL directory and started the game. It would not load because, it tried to do something with the file and couldn't find another file. Maybe it's nothing, just putting it out there.

Sep 23 2010 Anchor

Vetron wrote: Why did the devs of fuel have to make everything so damn awkward lol

Not devs, it was Codemasters decision to use GFWL. Or blame Microsoft for developing this headache generator. I hate it too xD

Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Oct 3 2010 Anchor

I'm slowing working through the decompiled code - I think I've isolated xlive related stuff, don't know whether its of any significance.

At least the files such as xlive.dll are intact, just packaged within the .exe. I'll go through this sometime and compare data with xliveless hacks and see what they changed. What I will try to do is located the dsound and replace it with the asi loader thingy that gta uses. Upon that I can look into what the asi script they use actually does and whether its possible to make it work with FUEL. Quite a lot of stuff to go through, so will certainly take a while.

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