FragOut! is a Half Life 2 multiplayer mod, in which you only get different kinds of grenades to fight with, instead of the usual weapons. Forcing players to adapt at using only throwing weapons new tactics are sure to arise!

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Nope we're not dead! telling you why Skull grenade video is not up yet

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Hey guys,

been another long time since the last update
nothing to show yet as I haven't been online a while lately NAUGHY SAUCE yes yes, so I haven't been around to really lead the rest or did any coding for about a week.
Got Spore same day it released here in the Netherlands and I found it to be pretty cool though the lack of penalty when dying makes most of it WAY to easy.

[big ramble about spore]

Tribal stage is even easy on hard mode as all you gotta do is get max population and you can fight off anyone with a good aggresive race, even with peacefull tactics its easy as all you gotta do is get ur chieftain to bring a present to prevent them from attacking you for several minutes while you attempt allying with the rest.

Civ stage was ok on hard mode with religious and economic tactics, found it to be mega hard with military tactics as to often you have to many enemies and you just keep on buying new vehicles while all your spice derricks get capped>.< luckily by use of pausing and a vehicle with 91% speed and 9% military power I got enough spice derricks one time to actually win lol.

Space stage is awesome but on hard mode you cant really have any fun as every 5 minutes at least there's an impending ecodisaster or attack and since alll the spacefaring races including your own are stupid as fuck they cant protect themselves and always whine for help. Only reward you get when colonies are under attack is the money you get from killing stuff :D
Also grox are very nasty, try to keep them friendly by giving gifts and doing missions if you meet them or else its gonna be near immposible to get to the center of the galaxy>.<

[/big ramble about spore]

so anyway soon will pick up work and so should have a video of the skull grenade animations up soon assuming nauz hasnt been playing CounterStrike 24/7 while I was out playing Spore.
So stay tuned for that video! Nauz made it perverted again ... that damn pervy german so prepare for laughing.

DuckSauce OUT.

[ps spore still rocks even though its easy and childish^^]

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