Forsaken is set in the year 2009, 3 years after a genetically engineered virus escaped a secret government lab wiping out mankind in a matter of days. Out of the surviving human population 3 factions formed; The “Governors”, a band of ex-military soldiers lead by a fanatical General. A freak and ruthless “Religious Cult” that say the predicted this 'cleansing' all along, and the final faction are ordinary people, a handful of Civilians bewildered and angry at what happened to their families and everyone they knew. Forsaken is an urban warfare multi-player mod for Half-life 2, featuring various unique gameplay modes & scenarios and is the depiction of these three factions; and their struggle for power, territory and ultimately survival, within this dark new era of human existence. The objective-based team play is all about the control of territories (maps) and the resources in those territories. At the start of a "war" each faction has a certain amount of resources....

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Чуваки! Вы молодцы! Спасибо что кинули Source Code!)))

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